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by:KAIDI     2021-02-02
Float the strip gauge is widely used for measuring the large storage tanks in all kinds of liquid level of the instrument. Electric float liquid level gauge for container liquid level process or the position for continuous measurement and local control. Working principle of float steel belt level gauge is what? The structure characteristics, application? The working principle of electric float liquid level gauge is what? The structure characteristics, application? Working principle of the float type steel strip gauge what kind of? Float type steel belt level meter is designed according to the principle of force balance, its working principle as shown, when the liquid level rises, float rise, steel belt tension relaxation, the force between the steel belt wheel and float balance is damaged, in under the action of steel belt wheel, quickly, and relaxation of steel belt tightening to regain balance the whole system. When the liquid level drops, float down due to gravity, steel belt tension increased, steel belt wheel released and tightening, reaching a new equilibrium. Because on the measurement of steel belt has a very uniform pitch of holes, when the steel strip moves up and down, steel belt hole is the tooth of sprocket, and turn to drive the gear mechanism, and through the pointer indicates a liquid level height or counter. Mechanical angular displacement output at the same time, the remote transmitter into 4 ~ 20 madc signal output. Float type steel strip gauge how to install? First consider the convenience of installation, debugging, readings, and maintenance, such as near the manhole or special mounting plate, hand to touch the part of the best. 1 according to the installation drawing above different casing and the header tank installation support. ( Had better use the stainless steel casing, galvanized material also can, but do not use carbon steel material casing) 2 meter to the scene, all steel strip is pulled acquired together with black rubber set of protected. In the installation to prevent steel belt is damaged, the first pull down the manual wheel fixed screw and steel belt rubber bumpers, slowly withdraw the strip in the header. Note: recovery speed control, acceptance steel strip in the recycling of the action of spring force strong; Pay attention to the steel belt do not twisted. Steel belt normal recycled steel band is beyond the measuring range, can be read from indicating dial. Recover the steel strip is card of spare parts according to the field of spare parts. If recycling of steel belt length less than measuring range, according to the narrative of the coil spring adjustment method to adjust. 3 open 90 & deg; Elbow lid, put the steel wire rope with a section of fitting of the casing, the other end through the casing into the storage tank. When put the steel wire rope, it is important to ensure that wire rope on the pulley. 4 fixed steel belt and rope links. Steel belt above two holes distance of 15 mm, and the fitting on rivet spacing of 10 mm, when the connection is need to punch on the strip. Connection to eliminate the new drilling burr, connection with rivets. 5 in the storage tank pull the rope, pull steel belt, in the table ( To dial indicator zero position) Manual wheel lock. The header with the casing connection is the header fixed on the bracket. 6 in the storage tank fixed float: the taper pipe jacking tank and spherical tank float, when fixed position fixed float at the bottom of the steel wire rope to hang. Note: 1) When it's fixed taut wire rope; 2) Ensure vertical tank bottom wire rope; 3) After connecting fixed float redundant wire rope card is broken or dish together on the float, 4) Avoid excess wire rope card where the tank bottom or other protrusions, affect the normal measurement of the instrument. If the tank is prone to volatility or a mixer, need to install the float lead. Avoid front-rear or mixing liquid level float rotation produces deviation caused by shaking. Specific situation is as follows: floating roof tank wire rope connected directly on top of the float, fixed point in the wire rope to hang point directly. When connecting to a fixed on the frame of floating plate, a fixed place don't have obvious edges and corners. For floating roof tank float well installation method as shown in the figure below. 1) 2) steel band header 90° Elbow 3) The wire guide tube (4) Steel band 5) Steel belt and rope fittings 6) Line 7) Wire rope and floating plate connection point 8) The fixed point 9) of the steel belt header Steel pipe support 10) Steel parts with ducts 7 fixed pipe run elbow, checking to ensure the wire when fixed on the pulley. Loosen the hand wheel, check the dial readings ( Black pointer unit is m, red pointer unit is mm) 。 If there is deviation adjustment, adjustment method is presented in the following. 8 if with far eastone or alarm function, but also need to calibrate the output signal. More specific steel strip gauge the ways of the selected output to adjust.
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