Flow and static water environment of the inputting type liquid level transmitter installation

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-07
Type level gauge is also known as input type, liquid level transmitter is with stainless steel isolation membrane diffusion silicon piezoresistive pressure sensor as a signal measuring element, is proportional to the depth of the liquid level of the hydrostatic pressure measured accurately, and through the signal conditioning circuit is converted into standard 4 - * * 20 ma current or RS485 signals output, establish the output signal and the depth of the liquid, the linear relation between the precise measurement of the implementation on the depth of the liquid. Static pressure type level gauge is small in size, high precision, easy to use, can be directly into the liquid, can measure the liquid level transmitter end to the liquid surface height. So called input type level gauge, also can through the stents or flange installation, use very convenient. The user's favorite. Input type liquid level transmitter if you need to install in the stillness of the deep well, sink, usually it is the inner diameter & phi; About 45 mm steel pipe ( Different height to play several holes, so that the water flow into the tube) Fixed in the water, and then input type liquid level transmitter can be used in the steel pipe. Input type measuring liquid level transmitter or have a mixing liquid level of liquidity, usually the bore diameter & phi; About 45 mm steel pipe ( Different heights on the opposite side of the liquid flow to play several holes, so that the water flow into the tube) Fixed in the water, and then input type liquid level transmitter can be used in the steel pipe. Can effectively reduce the effect of the change of pressure difference to measure flow. Input type liquid level transmitter installation direction is vertical, the inputting type installation position should be far away from the liquid exit and blender. Input type liquid level transmitter in the use of larger vibration occasions, can be on the transmitter winding wire, using steel wire suspension, lest tensile cables into type level gauge used points for attention in use of abnormal, should turn off the power and stop using, check welding power supply connection should be strictly according to our wiring instructions. Avoid liquid downstream pressure probe directly, or with other objects blocking liquid mean that instant direct impact pressure is ok. Put water inlet into the shower, put a big water cut into small water spraying down, the effect is good. Bend the inlet pipe mouth, slightly upwards water inlet, water as * in out into the air and then fall first, reduced the direct impact ( Converting kinetic energy into potential energy) 。 As far as possible away from the high power equipment, avoid the influence of strong magnetic field interference, should be the level keep in normal temperature range, otherwise it will seriously affect the precision and service life of the input type liquid level transmitter, temperature drift phenomenon long-term may burn out directly input type liquid level transmitter!
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