Radar level gauge what are the problems need to pay attention to in the purchase

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-29
Radar level gauge belongs to universal radar level gauge, it based on the principle of time travel is measuring instrument, radar wave running at the speed of light, running time can be transformed into material level signal by electronic parts. Probe a high-frequency pulse in space at the speed of light, when the pulse in the material surface reflected by the receiver inside the instrument, and the distance signal is transformed into material level signal. So purchasing radar level gauge need to pay attention to what problem? 1, precision radar thing location score for trade level and process level in two levels of trade for metering instrument precision & plusmn; 1 mm, this instrument is used in trade settlement with on it. Precision process level in & plusmn; 3 mm to & plusmn; Between 15 mm, this type of meter is mainly to a full range of monitoring level, which means to prevent full tank overflow and the occurrence of the phenomenon such as empty cans. So dangerous for production. 2, signal collecting system demands that depends on the control. To see is or analog signals to digital signals, and transmission mode. 1, the digital signal: digital signal in the first place to see your data interface and communication protocol. Data interface Rs485, Rs232, etc. Agreement with HART protocol, the Modbus protocol, Profibus, etc. 2, analog signals: analog signal has a current ( DC4 - 20mA) , voltage, resistance ( Resistance and voltage are rarely used) And so on. Transport have cable transmission and wireless transmission ( Must be digital signals) 。 3, power supply 24 v DC, DC 12 v, 5 v DC, AC 220 v, etc. Look at two wire or four wire system. The choice of power supply depends on your site circuit configuration and the requirement of control system. 4, installation requirements flange installation ( Flange dimensions and specifications) , thread installation ( Dimensions and specifications) 。 Installation choice depends on the actual situation of your site 5, temperature and pressure of the medium temperature and environmental temperature of tanks. Is to look at the environmental temperature in the model selection of the general radar. Pressure depends on site conditions such as design pressure and use. The choice of temperature and pressure depends on your site actual using value and design of tank using value. 6, the classification of the range of radar measurement basically can be divided into four. a) Small range generally within 2 meters. b) Common in 2 - small range C) between 10 meters In the range of general in 10 meters - Between 25 meters. d) Generally in 25 - in a wide range 40 meters. e) Large scale general at 40 metres above two, look at the site of the radar level meter use requirement 1, installation location radar from the ideal location for the tank wall between radius of 1/2 to 1/3, away from the inlet port of discharge. If can not reach the ideal installation location selection of radar level meter to try to select a location to install more relaxed radar 2, medium characteristics first see is a solid, liquid, and the medium point of dielectric constant ( The greater the medium point of dielectric constant measurement radar effect, the better) 。 Corrosion resistance, viscosity, etc. 3, a) tank environment Good ( Tank no obstacles work when the environment is good) b) A bad ( Have obstacles such as mixing heating coil working with steam, crystallization, etc. )
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