Pressure transmitter differential pressure transmitter installation at the scene when the matters needing attention

by:KAIDI     2021-02-10
Pressure transmitter differential pressure transmitter, as a kind of precision instruments and meters, should pay special attention to some problems in installation, so as not to cause damage or installation error, pressure transmitter can't work normally. The following is a field that should be paid attention to when installing pressure transmitter items: 1. All pressure transmitter with the manufacturer's certificate and instruction to leave the factory, including product number, technical parameters, wiring diagram, production date, etc. , please check the correct, so as to avoid improper use. 2. The connecting way of pressure transmitter and thread type, and check whether on-site interfaces and pressure transmitter. If it is threaded coupling, should tighten slowly, pay attention to the sealing and torque cannot be directly added to the transmitter on the shell, can only be added to the pressure on the six sides of the interface. 3. Pay attention to the offline pressure transmitter, there are two wire, three wire system and four wire connection should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the pressure transmitter product instruction for use.
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