Liquid level transmitter robust manufacturing progress

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-22
Liquid level transmitter manufacturing step steady liquid level transmitter industry with the expansion of the market demand, and higher standards of living, human must sex industry develop in advance strategic significance to the back of the throat, has become an international society each country to improve the level of production and product high-tech industry important international strategic industry. Scientific instruments in China market is relatively stable, healthy growth, the size of the market and the product quality are improved, in this case the liquid level transmitter industry will also have more opportunities for development. 1, the liquid level transmitter industry widely used in the human society into the era of knowledge economy and information technology under the background of rapid development, liquid level transmitter and its measurement control technology is increasingly widely used, for the rapid development of the liquid level transmitter industry provides a good opportunity. After nearly 10 years of construction and development, the liquid level transmitter has been initially formed relatively complete varieties of product categories, industrial system of a certain scale of production and development capabilities, to become Asia excluding Japan's second largest producer of liquid level transmitter. 2 step steady liquid level transmitter, liquid level transmitter manufacturing development manufacturing has for many years to keep the trend of the high economic growth. Even when affected by financial crisis, global economic east nursery industries slowed, but the panoramic view from the development point of view, instrument industry's growth has not slowed. Liquid level transmitter industry rapid development because of the steady development of national economy high speed operation; 2 is because national macroeconomic regulation and control of instrument industry there is a lag, the influence of the instrument is often in the later stages of the project to consign is used, therefore, reduced as a result of macroeconomic regulation and control policy, the influence of investment for instrument industry will not be too big. 3, instrument industry through environmental situation and orderly development with the implementation of the industrial development planning, liquid level transmitter industry and other industries, face the energy conservation and environmental protection, independent innovation, the development of efficient new industrial development path. Liquid level transmitter industry actively respond to a nation called on, first proposed the & other; To strengthen the innovation, vigorously promotes the basis, market-oriented, broaden the field, system innovation, optimization of structure, promoting continuously, the revitalization of industry & throughout; Development strategy, this strategy, marks the transformation of the whole industry is imminent. With green, environmental protection, the improvement of global standards, liquid level transmitter industry will be a rapid, healthy and orderly development of the situation in the market, after the liquid level transmitter industry will become the 21st century is a sunrise industry. 4, liquid level transmitter in the industry in the rapid development of emerging industries, to drive the liquid level transmitter, intelligent technology has also let the liquid level transmitter to high-end manufacturing industry transformation. Industry differentiation, which, in agriculture and forestry, environmental protection, experimental analysis and optical instruments such as technical fields keep rising momentum; And in the field of automation, medical treatment, teaching and other professional instrument because of its low differentiation, and with the entry of competitors, make the growth speed slow gradually; In nuclear instrument, Marine meteorological instrument, geological exploration and other fields because of the particularity of its customer base, the market space is limited capacity, thus maintain in low growth in recent years. 5, the structure of the product demand still need to adjust the technological progress and structural adjustment, though there is progress, but there are still two big board still not breakthrough, a quantity bedding face is wide in high-end scientific instruments has not yet been a breakthrough, but the root cause of equipment reliability, stability problem not solved. Domestic equipment manufacturing in & lsquo; Heavy & rsquo; 、《; Big & rsquo; 、《; Long & rsquo; 、《; Thick & rsquo; Continuously break the world record, for many large engineering machinery, large metallurgical equipment, large chemical equipment, etc. , all have very high manufacturing capacity, but the domestic high-end high precision measuring instruments rare, domestic liquid level transmitter industry basically in a passive position. The year 2018 is & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning & throughout; The backbone of the year, is also a year, which forms a connecting link between the preceding and with the development of national economy, the improvement of living standards, so as to promote the development of liquid level transmitter. Especially in medical, scientific experiments, liquid level transmitter needs more food standards, etc, to promote the development of liquid level transmitter manufacturing, especially in recent years, liquid level transmitter manufacturing enterprises to realize industrialization of scientific and technological achievements, and many other positive factors, so this year is expected to become China's another scientific instruments manufacturing & other; Harvest year & throughout; 。 It is predicted that this year scientific instruments industry comprehensive economic indicators will continue to maintain a 15% growth, some of the major business areas would be a big room to improve.
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