How many people in Kaidi QC team?
Guangdong Kaidi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has set up its own QC team in which all the members are all professionals. Throughout the production process, we always concentrate on the quality of vertical float level switch . The product is characterized by higher performance and longer service time, resulting in a larger customer base. In terms of our QC staff, all have been equipped with professional skills, which may guarantee the quality.

Kaidi is thought highly of in the domestic market. We are mainly known for excellence in developing and manufacturing belt drift switch. We will show you the level transmitter series that is most popular with customers. KAIDI flow meter is of flexible design. It can be designed with different kinds of materials, battery shells, and functions to fit its using environments. This product features very low no-load losses. The product can eliminate most of the harmful substances present in the water. When the activated carbon is used to treat a liquid, the pollutant molecules are trapped inside its pores. It is suitable for extreme pressure conditions.

KAIDI has been developing its own service team to help customers solve problems. Inquire online!
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