How important is it automation instrument installation process?

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-20
The importance of automation instrument for industrial automation production is self-evident. So, automation instrument installation process is what kind of? Instrument and meter plant with simple look. Before installation preparation automation instrument is a kind of precision instruments, on the eve of the installation related technical personnel must be well preparation, to accurately debug instrument itself, at the same time precision instrument itself is relatively easy to damage, so during the installation process should be particularly cautious, any wrong step will seriously affect the normal use of the instrument, as a result, during the preparation phase, should be: 1, planning, automation instrument construction scheme in construction stage, the construction plan mainly includes the construction before preparing materials, application of equipment and technology, and so on. In carries on the sorting process, need to construction drawings, technological process and ready. Then according to the construction of the related equipment and technologies, the construction plan. 2, to develop professional skills training and technical personnel in the process of installation to be exposed to strong voltage, safety is the priority, need to be solved through the form of training seminars for literacy. Will install the focus of attention for a brief summary, can help construction personnel to quickly master, the key construction parts are done by specialized technical personnel. Skill training to make preparations for the key, must have the ability to secure construction to carry out formal construction, oppression grass-roots level management personnel, the situation of the supervision activities. Theoretical skills have been neglected in the equipment installation, construction teams to put an end to the occurrence of such phenomena. Actual installation stage of automation instrument installation must be in accordance with the normal operating procedures to complete, forbidden construction personnel in accordance with the individual subjective intention to proceed with the actual operation, the construction site of the installation work should be completed by professional and technical personnel to, in the process of instrument installation work any man-made mistakes will make instrument for reinstall, thus to guarantee the precision of instrument. During installation, the relevant technical personnel should often use sophisticated test equipment to the actual measurement, in order to ensure fair installation Angle. The following installation work, need to instrument for fixed installation, should try to avoid larger when installation, do a good job will be installed in to the relatively flat on the ground, in case the instrument damage. 1, the preparation stage at this stage, the need for equipment, technology and materials to conduct a comprehensive preparation, and clear, the instrument and regulating equipment installation personnel can be ready after installation, specifically to undertake various kinds of instrument first bridge and stent set, and then according to the corresponding installation for various pipeline to control. The main purpose of the secondary phase 2, cable installation is to install cables, in prior to cable installation to the first phase of the remaining issues to sort and remove, after finishing the cleaning work began to cable installation. To the chemical industrial automation instrument can realize circuit simulation signal, laying cables, cable laying mainly proof-read cable, tapping cable, etc. 3, secondary inter-school instrument installation main is the final stage of secondary inter-school. Instrumentation, secondary inter-school refers to the construction site after the installation of instrument, to the entire instrument loop control and instrument circuit inspection work. In the stage of secondary inter-school, the circuit of the unit and system debugging, ensure the normal operation of large unit. Completion of instrument debugging instrument specific completed the debugging process, construction personnel according to the standards of automation instrument installation procedures, refer to design drawings of component process control related instrument installation position is consistent. The capillary road pipe openings shall be by the method of welding, flange connection when instruments and spare parts. In addition, you need to configure the protection box, control box, meter box for protection instrument. Also need to single instrument for loop signal simulation and debugging, DCS equipment can realize the error of each loop control and detection, mainly by the controller circuit signals to the actuator, the DCS equipment for actuators for testing, the implementation of the rate and the final test results. Construction personnel data by comparing test results with the original instrument installation process index differences, it is concluded that instrument the difference between actual installation and planning to install then the instrument configuration and modify, to ensure the effective implementation of the chemical production of automation control system. Katie instrument equipment factory and flow meter manufacturers will provide you with more information, more effective installation process, please attention!
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