The RZ shallow - 1188 c clip type ultrasonic flow meter to accurately measure all kinds of water flow

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-06
Case background: as a large chemical enterprise group, in recent years, with the development of the business, products have increased market share and the enterprise scale, enterprise internal marketization of continuous progress, enterprise production of all kinds of technical transformation is eyebrow. The company's production site need to use a lot of liquid medium, for all kinds of can contain medium ( Such as water, circulating water, brine and fresh water, distilled water, etc. ) The accuracy of the measurement is especially important. Because the company predecessor is a state-owned enterprise restructuring, enterprise history reason and the equipment of the enterprise reform try not to interrupt the continuity of the existing production process, aiming at the production site in a lot of liquid in the pipeline need to increase the flow meters, under the premise of how to don't change the production status of liquid flow in the piping, in front of us. Through market research and technical exchange with counterparts, we consider to choose to use the clip type ultrasonic flowmeter. To save energy. Test probe is installed on the outer wall of pipeline, does not destroy the flow of the fluid in the pipeline, pressure loss is an ideal energy-saving instrument, measurement of large flow, the energy saving effect is remarkable. Measuring range. Except for measuring the general guide acoustic fluid such as water, oil, also can measure the high temperature and high pressure, strong corrosion and non conductive, explosive and radioactive liquid guide. Versatility is good. Within the scope of the measured diameter, the same flowmeter can measure any different diameter of pipe flow. Measurement is not affected by the influence of fluid viscosity and density. Reynolds number correction. Automatic correction error caused by the change of the flow field distribution, ensure there is enough flow measurement accuracy. 6. Easy and convenient installation and maintenance. Not restricted by production status. Three, instrument using effect: through analyzing the comprehensive performance of ultrasonic flowmeter at home and abroad, we put the RZ - 1188 c clip type ultrasonic flowmeter as * *. RZ - 1188 c clip type ultrasonic flowmeter using the microprocessor digital technology, applicable to a single clean liquid medium ( No large amounts of sediment, suspended particles and bubbles in the liquid) Accuracy of measurement, the influence of velocity distribution and so on carries on the automatic compensation, to ensure measurement accuracy reaches 0. Level 5. Powerful functions. Applicable pipes and measured medium range is very wide. Pipe material: carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, ductile cast iron, hard plastic, asbestos, glass fiber and other; Measured medium: water, sea water, kerosene, gasoline, # 2 fuel oil, crude oil, propane, butane, and other. The operation is simple and convenient. Common use, only need to input pipe outer diameter, inner diameter, material, fluid type, emitter type ( V, Z, W) Can automatically calculate the probe installation space, can be installed correctly. In order to ensure the quantity traceability of timeliness, after China institute of metrology of actual calibration reaches 0. Level 5 standards, completely can be used as a level 1, 5 of standard measuring instruments used. In mastering the RZ - 1188 c clip type ultrasonic flowmeter performance successfully completed within the group on the basis of seawater, fresh water, circulating water and brackish water flow measurement for many times, and the stability of the electromagnetic flowmeter has carried on the comparison, the effect is very ideal, can fully meet the needs of the water flow of measuring. Four, use the experience, and pay attention to the point: in many practical applications, sums up some application experience: a, the input parameters of pipeline must be consistent and practical. Second, according to the calculated spacing, law should guarantee the two probe spacing attachment for V parallel to the pipe axis; Position should guarantee the two probes for Z section perpendicular to the pipe axis, two probe location of attachment with the pipe axis in a plane. Three, probe position fully clean up all kinds of adhesives, to prevent signal reduction and secondary refraction, apply probe, lotus root mixture between pipe should be no bubble. Four, for Z, as far as possible under the condition of fixed a probe, the signal strength did not reach, ≥ 3%) Another probe, to move slowly so that the flow meter to find the right channel signal, the signal strength meets the requirements. For V method, two probes can be whole to move slowly, so that the signal strength meets the requirements. Five, for the same type of medium in the medium density is large, the correction measures (should be considered Ideally for acoustic wave velocity in the medium, after input measurement) 。 Six, as far as possible away from have complex vibration source place to measure and prevent enlargement of the no results or measurement error. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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