RZ1158C outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter how fast installation instructions

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-11-01
Embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. Hot outside economical RZ - type ultrasonic flowmeter 1158 c is a widely used, general budget, external clip-on, time difference method ultrasonic flowmeter. It not only has excellent measuring performance also has a very simple installation, no broken tube, no water, can let the customer to easily implement flexible pipe flow measurement. The set of product is also equipped with a permanent fixture installation, no maintenance, long-term to provide credible, no drift measurement. This product adopts the digital technology and intelligent adaptive acoustic technology, make its measuring stability more outstanding. At the same time, it USES the acoustic focusing on technology, make the products on a continuous signal receiving and quality of the measurement was significantly enhanced. Embellish of RZ - 1158 c consists of two parts, transmitter, sensor. External clip-on probe has simple installation, no need to break the tube, the scene without shutdown, etc. Especially for the flow measurement of various kinds of pressure requirements. The installation has no moving parts, compared with the traditional flowmeter, has high reliability, low maintenance rate significantly. Embellish of RZ - 1158 c ultrasonic flowmeter adopted modular unibody design, independent menu operation, LCD backlight display. Protection grade reaches IP65 products transmitter, sensor to achieve IP68 protection grade, suitable for soaking wet, such as the use of harsh environments. Embellish of RZ - 1158 c ultrasonic flowmeter collection of the current industrial situation, 4 - using RS485 communication interface 20 ma current signal, pulse output, the MODBUS protocol, can constitute a flow metering pipe network requirements. Other products can be extended to use solar energy, rem power supply, explosion-proof/flame-proof function module, make the products can satisfy the use of various kinds of application environment. Embellish of RZ - 1158 c ultrasonic flowmeter using clip-on installed outside, in the transmitter menu input locale measurement of size, thickness, tube diameter and medium, the probe installation, can measure installed probe distance. The finished products after the electrical connection in the measurements can be made. Even * first time use, also can be easily measured. Ultrasonic flow meter transducer electrical connection, as shown in figure: note: DC + positive E shielded wire E shielded wire DC– Power UP negative DN + + red line core red line core GE grounding UP– Black wire core DN– The end of the black wire core note: sensor cable upstream ( ) To red, downstream ( DN) Measurement point to select installation location, as shown in figure: note: survey points to choose after the first 10 d, uniform straight section (within 5 d D for pipe diameter) ,RZ- 1158 c clip type ultrasonic flowmeter of ultrasonic sensor is installed in a pipe at 9 o 'clock and 3 o 'clock position. Should be avoided at 6 o 'clock, 12 o 'clock position. Installation and debugging and quick setup will complete the ultrasonic flowmeter with fewer steps ( Both input pipe diameter, pipe wall thickness, selection of pipe materials, fluid type, select ultrasonic sensor installation) To calculate the spacing of upstream and downstream sensors, ultrasonic signals, and measure the flow of the fluid. Main installation and debugging steps listed below: * first step: transmitter host electric step 2: press MENU11 menu input pipe diameter. Step 3: press MENU12 menu input current of pipe wall thickness. Step 4: press MENU14 menu to select the piping material type. Step 5: click MENU20 menu to select the type of fluid. Step 6: click MENU24 menu to select the current ultrasonic sensor installation. Step 7: press MENU25 menu to view the current ultrasonic sensor installation spacing. Step 8: calculate the ultrasonic sensor spacing on pipeline based on the actual installation. 2 sensors with coupling agent and tube plunge into fixed step 9: ultrasonic sensor press MENU90 menu measurement inspection ultrasonic sensor signal (after installation Under normal circumstances the UP and DN signal strength & ge; More than 60, signal quality & ge; More than 50) 。 Step 10: press MENU91 menu measurement inspection ultrasonic sensor transfer time than after installation. Work normally this value for 100 & plusmn; Step 11:3% by MENU00 menu to view the current instantaneous flow and cumulative flow measurement. Note: the above steps for ultrasonic flowmeter installation set up fast, according to the operation steps can complete ultrasonic flowmeter installation and measure the traffic data. Other notes to set parameters can be found in the instruction for use, or for enquiry leap in science and technology service hotline 0517 - 86917118. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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