Reliable company for float type level switch
If you're considering a dependable company for level switch , Guangdong Kaidi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. would definitely be your choice. Our Objective is to meet our customers with high performance, dependable quality, quick turnaround, and competitive rates. That is why our customers rely on us as their principal provider.

Kaidi could be a trusted choice for manufacturing magnetic float level gauge. We have been operating in this industry for years. We will show you the flow meter series that is most popular with customers. Inspection of KAIDI liquid level transmitter will be carried out by the QC team. Its appearance will be inspected to make sure the identification of polarity is correct and the battery lead is finely handled. This product has a wide range of operating temperatures. The product is not only decorative yet functional, adding a great appeal to any building styles. That's the reason why most architects and home designers love it. This product is easy to install and use.

Kaidi advocates mutual understanding, cherish diversity, and view our culture in a global perspective. Inquiry!
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