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Kaidi KD Wall-mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter IP68 for Water industry

Kaidi KD Wall-mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter IP68 for Water industry

Kaidi KD Wall-mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter IP68 for Water industry
  • Kaidi KD Wall-mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter IP68 for Water industry
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Kaidi KD Wall-mounted Ultrasonic Flow Meter IP68 for Water industry
Water industry, Petrolemu, Food, Chemical industry
Protection Grade:
Process Temperature:
-40~+160℃(High temperature type)
Explosion proof certification:
Power supply
AC220V, DC12~36V 0.8A (optional)
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The wall-mounted ultrasonic flow meter uses the speed difference method as the principle to measure the liquid flow in the round pipe.

This series of meters adopts digital transmission, digital reception, digital analysis, digital output and other micro-power digital design technologies. The meters are accurate in measurement, reliable in operation, and more suitable for the needs of industrial sites.

The converter forms are: wall-mounted, panel-mounted, and integrated; the sensor forms are: plug-in, pipe segment, and external clamp.


Micro-power consumption and digital design: The whole machine adopts micro-power hardware and software design, and carries out digital transmission, digital reception and digital analysis of ultrasonic signals to achieve a comprehensive digital design. The power consumption of the whole machine is less than 0.3W. The power consumption of the battery-powered machine is only 0.2mW.

Excellent measurement and management functions: scientific analysis and calculation techniques are used in software design to ensure accurate measurement functions. In addition, a management function is designed. This series of instruments can check the operating data of the instruments at any time in the previous ten years at any time.

Flexible maintenance performance: The use of commutation adaptive technology enables this series of instruments to automatically eliminate the zero point error in the measurement process, and can replace the converter and sensor at will during the maintenance process, without affecting the measurement accuracy.

Chinese characterization technology: The data input and measurement process of the instrument display all Chinese characters, so that the operator can operate without using the manual.

Plug-in ultrasonic flow meter: can be installed and maintained without stopping production. Using ceramic sensors, use our company's special drilling device for non-stop production installation. Generally, it is a single channel measurement. In order to improve the measurement accuracy, three channels can be selected.

Pipe-segment ultrasonic flow meter: the pipeline needs to be cut and installed, but the production can be stopped for future maintenance. You can choose a single-channel or three-channel sensor.

Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter: It can complete fixed and mobile measurement. Use special coupling agent (room temperature curing silicone rubber or high temperature long-chain polymer grease) to install, and the pipeline will not be damaged during installation.



Wall-mounted ultrasonic flow meterPipe section ultrasonic flow meterExternal ultrasonic flow meter
Pipe diameter range(mm)DN20-4000DN20-2000DN20-4000
Flow rate range(m/s)0.01~12
Accuracy(%)MonoDouble trackThree channelsMonoDouble trackThree channels1.5

110.51.0 (calibration 0.5)0.50.5
Measuring mediumDrinking water, river water, sea water, ground water, cooling water, high temperature water, sewage, lubricating oil, diesel oil, fuel oil, chemical liquids, and other homogeneous fluids.
Pipe materialMetal (such as carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.) non-metallic materials (such as PVC, organic glass, etc.)
Tube lining materialFRP, mortar, rubber, etc.
Signal output1. 4-20mA: Impedance is less than 800Ω, photoelectric isolation, accuracy 0.1%.
2. Cumulative pulse output: photoelectric isolation, passive open-circuit output, transmission distance less than 500m.
3. RS-485: photoelectric isolation, optional baud rate, transmission distance greater than 1.6Km.
4. Printer: RS-232 serial port mode. The printer is an optional accessory.
5. M-BUS.
Keyboard2×8 Chinese keyboard
Monitor2×10 Chinese character display or English display
Measurement functionDisplay instantaneous flow, instantaneous velocity, positive cumulative flow, negative cumulative flow, net cumulative flow, cumulative running time, instantaneous heat supply, cumulative total heat, power-off time, etc.
Data storageThe measurement data of the last 720 hours, the last 365 days, the last 36 months and the last ten years can be stored, including instantaneous flow, accumulated flow, power outage time, etc.
Ambient temperatureConverter: -1045 (please specify for special environment)
Sensor: -40+60 (normal temperature type)
-40+160(High temperature type)
Sensor materialStainless steel and ceramicStainless steel and ordinary carbon steelNormal temperature type is nylon, high temperature type is alloy aluminum
Sensor pressure capacityPartial pressure in the pipe is less than 4.5MPaDN20700mm is less than 2.5MPaIt has nothing to do with the pressure in the pipeline, it is recommended not to work in water
DN8002000mm is less than 1.6MPa
Sensor protection gradeIP68
Converter protection gradeWall-mounted converter: IP65  Panel-mounted converter: IP52  Integrated converter: IP67
Explosion-proof gradeEXdBT6
Sensor cable length500m500m500m
Sensor cable modelDedicated cable SEYV-75-2 (diameter 7mm), the shorter the better, to reduce interference, it can also be lengthened to 300m if the length is thicker
Power supplyAC220V, DC1236V 0.8A (optional)
Converter dimensionsWall-mounted type: 213×185×107mm Panel-mounted type: 160×80×250mm All-in-one type: 185×140×100mm
Sensor dimensions220×ø20(rod)×ø50(connecting part)mmSee pipe section sensor data sheet60×40×35mm
Converter weightWall-mounted type: 1.2Kg  Panel-mounted type: 0.8Kg  Integrated type: 1.4Kg
Sensor weight0.7Kg/pieceSee pipe section sensor data sheet0.2Kg/piece
Calorie measurement functionMeasure heat supply, heat loss, inlet temperature, outlet temperature





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