High static pressure transmitter should be considered in the piping installation matters!

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-28
Regardless of all the facilities under the application of long-term must pay attention to matters of the application of some facility to prevent the accident of chapter high negative pressure transmitter is not exceptional also, everyone knows that high negative pressure transducer can be used to measure liquid, gas or steam pressure, which is then converted into 4 ~ 20 ma DC ac signal output. Because choose ASIC amplifier arrangement to make packaging, and its structure of bellows and union practical application, this type of net weight down to more than half of the original model. ASIC layout not only reduces the total number of parts, and improve the credibility of the amplifier, in view of the facilities in the application process of some itself more issues people need to pay attention to below network weaving guys about high negative pressure transducer in the process of the appropriate installation position on the pipeline related to the material being measured, for the determination of the obtained good effect to zui fruit, should pay attention to consider the following conditions: 1, the pressure pipe should be installed in the temperature and small area, high negative pressure transmitter, when the liquid pressure is measured transmitter installation parts should prevent liquid impact ( Water hammer) In case the controller overvoltage destruction to avoid residue inside the hose igneous rock, when the liquid water is measured with mouth should be located in step line side, in order to prevent the heavy slag deposition. Produce frozen in winter, when installed in outdoor protection countermeasures in transmitter necessary use, prevent lead pressure oral liquid for frozen capacity aspect, cause the controller is damaged. 2, avoid transmitter and irritating or overtemperature of physical touch, wiring, cable across the waterproof connector ( Note) Or around the tube nut tightening the seal, and prevent the precipitation according to cable leakage into the transmitter inside the casing, such as determination of steam or other high temperature material, need to add cache line ( Duct) Cooler, such as not make transmitter operating temperature is beyond the limit, high negative pressure transmitter, when the air pressure is measured with the mouth should be set in steps to the top of the line, and transmitter shall be installed in step a top line, to avoid the accumulation of the liquid is easy to introduce the steps in pipeline.
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