The role of pressure sensor and application field

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-22
Pressure sensor is a kind of can provide remote measuring pressure and electrical signals of pressure sensor. Pressure sensor is an important part of the detector, the structure form is varied. Common types of strain gages, pressure resistance, capacitance, piezoelectric pressure sensor, vibration frequency and so on. Pressure sensor is able to perceive signals and according to certain rules to convert them into usable output electric signal device, or device. Pressure sensor is generally contain pressure sensitive element and special signal processing unit. According to different working pressure, the pressure sensor can be divided into the gauge pressure transmitter, differential pressure sensor and the absolute pressure sensor. Let's talk about the difference between these three simple, they are all based on the atmospheric pressure. Table refers to the surface of the pressure, normal pressure gauge is used to gauge pressure, absolute pressure refers to the object table pressure and atmospheric pressure, differential pressure refers to the relative difference of two kinds of pressure. Pressure sensor is commonly used in the industrial practice of sensors, widely used in water conservancy and hydropower, railway transportation, intelligent buildings, production automatic control, aerospace, military industry and petrochemical, oil, electric power, shipbuilding, etc all kinds of industrial automatic control environment, machine tools, pipe and so on many industries. And medical pressure sensors, in addition to the photoelectric, optical fiber, ultrasonic pressure sensor. Pressure sensor is converted directly to all forms of electrical signals, to focus inspection and control of automated system, is widely used in industrial production. Tensile strain type pressure sensor is used to determine specific elastic component of strain, which can indirectly measure pressure sensor. According to the materials, strain components can be divided into two kinds of metal and semiconductor. Deformation of the element is the working principle of a conductor and semiconductor strain effect '. The conductor and semiconductor materials in mechanical deformation, resistance to change.
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