The radar level gauge is analysed the design and application of floating roof oil tank

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-31
Recite this article: the article first * for radar level gauge measuring principle and characteristics are analyzed, and according to the features of radar level gauge products and installation of large floating roof tank radar liquid level gauge and auxiliary equipment selection and installation in detail, through this article can guide for the design and construction of similar projects in the oil industry has a certain reference value. As the country's demand for energy is more and more strong, has been promoting energy type of diversity, the oil industry in recent years of fluctuation is also very obvious, the industry is changing. For this phenomenon, industry enterprise in the face of the future market impact to do save for a rainy day, need proper reserves of petroleum resources in usual. Due to cause the demand for crude oil storage tank will also continue to increase. According to related survey, we found that the floating roof tank has been adopted widely in reserve base crude oil storage tank, the tank level measurement, and the application of the measurement data has become the important work of production management of grain depots. Writing this article is to introduce my friends to have in the tank farm is generally in the use of radar level gauge, because their products can of floating roof oil tank liquid level, temperature and water level in high precision measurement, satisfy large crude oil reserve oil inventory statistics, management requirements. In the future will have more applications in tank farm, believed that this paper involves the work of the friend help. A, the features of radar level gauge and measurement principle of 1. The characteristics of radar level gauge radar level gauge is favored by many oilfield enterprises, mainly because of the measurement method is compared with other methods, there are many advantages. * first, radar level gauge is the integration of design, in the process of concrete use, won't appear between various mechanical wear, long service life. Second, radar level meter in the measurement process of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the antenna, in the process of transmission is not subject to any media, not only can measure in time, and the results of the measurement precision is high. Again, the measuring range of radar level gauge is very big, big can reach 35 m, can be applied to high temperature and high pressure liquid level measurement. , involved in the radar level gauge to the antenna, is adopted by the high quality material, strong corrosion resistance, even in extreme circumstances, can also be used normally [ 1] 。 2. Measuring principle of radar level meter in the operation mode of the radar level gauge, mainly involving the three links, namely, emission, reflection and receiving. Start the measurement of radar level gauge, will launch its own antenna electromagnetic wave, the electromagnetic wave before be antenna to receive, passes through the surface reflection of the object. Spontaneous emission to retrieve, used during the period of time and distance is proportional to the measured object, its formula is: D = CT / 2. Among them, D, C, T, respectively is the radar level gauge distance to the liquid surface, the speed of light, and the electromagnetic wave running time. Normally, the electromagnetic wave transmission velocity is constant, so, in has been clear about the electromagnetic wave after launch to receive the time, can accurately calculate the liquid level in oil storage tanks. The current situation of radar level meter application, common way are mainly frequency modulation continuous wave and pulse wave type two kinds. The two ways of liquid level meter has its own characteristics, the former big power consumption, electronic circuit is relatively complex, and four wire must be used. The latter is the low power consumption, high precision, can use two wire. Therefore, although the above two ways are commonly used, but the application scope is broader pulse type level gauge. Second, the large floating roof tank radar liquid level gauge and auxiliary equipment selection and installation 1. The choice of floating roof tank radar liquidometer floating roof tank mainly includes two contents the choice of radar level gauge, namely the antenna selection and the choice of the power supply voltage. Currently, the main type of antenna for radar level gauge to choose a, guided wave tube array antenna and conical antenna paraboloid antenna. Because of the floating roof tanks of crude oil, the composition of the medium involved in steel floating plate, therefore, how to through the floating tray to the storage tank of liquid level measurement effectively became liquid level meter choice facing a major problem. According to the previous antenna selection experience of ordinary storage tanks, the ability of antenna transmitting electromagnetic wave signal and anti-jamming capability and its size is directly related to, the greater the size, the stronger the its ability to launch the electromagnetic wave, the anti-interference ability is enhanced. On the contrary, the weaker. Thus, in the three kinds of optional antenna, should be a paraboloid antenna with good effect, but this type of antenna is only suitable for ordinary crude oil storage tank, but is not suitable for to floating roof tank. Through analysis, according to the characteristics of the floating roof tank, should choose the radar antenna with guided wave tube. Level to make use of this type of antenna measurement, the guided wave tube through the floating plate can be used direct detection, easy to solve the above problems. Facts have proven that this method can not only the liquid level is measured directly, and the measurement result is very precise.
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