The pressure transmitter calibration method and applicable occasions

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-21
Pressure is one of the important parameters in industrial production, is pressure transmitter to transfer pressure variables can be converted to the standardization of the output signal of the instrument. Due process parameter measurement, and the importance of the installation position requirements, and connecting with the working condition of the environment in use process, and using the environment affect the performance of pressure transducer equipment such as measuring, so for the newly installed and after a period of time using the pressure transmitter, and even the whole pressure measurement system of measuring performance, the need for calibration, ensure that the metering performance meet the technological requirements of the production process. Only to pressure transmitter calibration of the instrument and meter plant kaidi instrument equipment factory basis JJG882 - 2004 'pressure transmitter verification regulation' verification code requirements, performance and calibration for the measurement of the pressure transmitter. Method is applicable to the following two cases: ( 1) Are calibration pressure transmitter output as digital signal ( Intelligent pressure transmitter) Because of its output for the digital signals, so there is no data in the whole pressure measurement system consisting of the collector, the signal directly through the display units, subsequent signal transfer and conversion process does not produce system error. ( 2) Be calibrated pressure transmitter belongs to temporary calibration verification and calibration cycle. When according to the actual situation, As important experimental projects before) Need calibration of pressure transmitter, data collector for failing to calibration cycle is not to, but only for temporary calibration pressure transmitter. On the pressure transmitter and data collector respectively with discrete components such as calibration of pressure transmitter and data collector for calibration, data acquisition and measurement calibration based on the performance of JJF1048 - 1995 the data acquisition system calibration specification. Method is applicable to the following two cases: ( 1) Consist of pressure transmitter, data collector and display unit of the pressure measurement system belongs to the periodic verification or calibration, the calibration for each component, respectively. ( 2) When the pressure measurement system error exceeds permissible error, calibration should be made for each part to find reasons of the poor surplus, after the repair and calibration. On the whole system calibration based on JJG875 - pressure measurement system is presented 2005 the digital pressure gauge verification code verification code requirements, performance for the measurement of the pressure measurement system calibration. System calibration method is to field pressure measurement system as a whole ( Similar to a digital pressure gauge) , that is, the pressure transmitter input signal input standard pressure, pressure transmitter, data collector and signal processing system as a whole as a black box, regardless of the pressure transmitter output signal conversion and processing, the display terminal reads a value for pressure measurement system. This kind of method applies to the following two conditions: ( 1) Need to get the accuracy of the pressure measurement system. ( 2) The scene environment or conditions for measuring system of disassembly, cannot be shut down for a long time for the calibration of each part.
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