How to effectively troubleshoot the problems and deal with electromagnetic flowmeter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-04
Electromagnetic flowmeter is currently in the industrial production of flow measurement is a very important special control system, the flow measurement and level measurement for industrial production of the two important physical quantities, is of great significance for industrial production. At present, the electromagnetic flowmeter is widely used in various industrial production, used to measure the liquid flow effect is significant. Encountered in electromagnetic flowmeter breakdown how to do it quickly and accurately, processing requirement and method of fault and what kind of, the stand or fall of electromagnetic flowmeter and the production will be encountered in the fault solution how to determine a brief introduction. Electromagnetic flowmeter table troubleshooting process needs to have certain knowledge of * * can be completed, electromagnetic flow meter for measuring liquid medium is the number of flow meter, made up of sensor and display, it can measure some medium? How does it selection? How to install it? How it fails screening? Believe everyone will have such questions, we can see some books about flow meter data, also can to the factory technical data, selection, installation and the product quality is the premise to guarantee the accuracy of the measurement. Electromagnetic flowmeter has a problem how to troubleshoot: 1. Work according to the work area, check the power supply voltage is correct; 2. Sensor grounding is reliable or damage; 3. Any air bubbles under the media is full of sensors, medium; 4. Reading right no, measured values within the measuring range? 5. Loose end connection? 6. By soaking water flow sensor? Electromagnetic flowmeter has a problem how to troubleshoot: 1. No display instrument; 2. Check whether the power supply is connected; 3. Check whether the power fuse is in good condition; 4. Check whether the power supply voltage is conform to the requirements; 5. Check whether the display contrast adjustment to adjust, and adjust if appropriate. Electromagnetic flowmeter caused the cause of the problem has the following several aspects: environmental aspects; Fluid; On how to install. Environmental reasons: generally is the main pipeline stray current interference, space is strong electromagnetic interference, large motor magnetic field interference, etc. Pipeline stray current interference usually take good separate grounding protection can obtain satisfactory results, but if powerful stray current ( Such as electrolytic workshop pipeline, sometimes in two electrode induction ac electric potential peak Vpp can be as high as 1 v) , still need to take other measures and flow sensor and the pipe insulation and so on. Generally by the signal cable into space electromagnetic interference, usually adopts single layer or multi-layer shielding protected. Fluid reasons: the uniform distribution of tiny air bubbles in the liquid to be measured is usually does not affect the normal work of the electromagnetic flowmeter, but with the increase of air bubbles, the volatility meter output signal, if the bubble is big enough to cover the entire electrode surface, as the bubble through the electrodes can make electrode circuit instantaneous trip and make the output signals appear larger fluctuation. Low frequency square wave excitation of electromagnetic flowmeter measurement too solid content in slurry, slurry noise will be generated, the output signal wave. Measurement of mixed media, if before not mixing into the flow sensor measurements, will also make the output signal wave. Electrode materials and improper matching measured medium, will also be due to the chemistry or the polarization phenomenon affects normal measurement. Should be selected according to instrument or relevant manual correct matching electrode materials. Reasons: installation is usually caused by electromagnetic flow sensor installation position is not correct fault, common such as sensor installed on the easy accumulation of gas piping high; Or installed on the top-down vertical tube, may appear empty; Or sensors after no back pressure, fluid directly discharged into the atmosphere to form the measuring tube not full package. Electromagnetic flowmeter troubleshooting methods: resistance method; Current method; Voltage method; Alternative method; Analog signal; Waveform method. Method: ( 1) Flow meter power fuse, excitation insurance on and off; ( 2) Electromagnetic flowmeter signal cable, excitation cable on and off; ( 3) Electromagnetic flowmeter excitation coil on and off and resistance; ( 4) Electromagnetic flowmeter excitation coil insulation resistance to the ground; ( 5) Electrode symmetry measurement; ( 6) Electrode insulation resistance to the ground; ( 7) Flow resistance of power transformer. Current method: flowmeter measurement output current, field current and voltage method: judgment work power, alternative method: if the flowmeter converter, swapping amplification board, analog signal method: using analog signal generator provides flow signal, to test the flow sensor, waveform method: familiar with the line on the basis of test key waveforms
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