How to correctly choose the choice of city gas supply company trade settlement gas flow meter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-09
* first to recognize the significance of temperature compensation for measuring gas pressure, as a general rule, city gas has two types, that is, the artificial coal gas and natural gas. Temperature and pressure under the situation of inconsistency, the density of the gas also produces change, will directly affect the accuracy of the sales settlement. This article is for the necessity of temperature, pressure compensation of gas flowmeter and the choice of fuel gas measuring meters makes a brief introduction. A set temperature, pressure, gas flowmeter, the necessity of compensation device from city to city gas company upstream gas supply and gas metering device used in trade settlement as temperature, pressure, automatic compensation function of the intelligent table, the measuring results are converted into standard state ( 101. 325 kpa, 20℃) The volume. Gas companies operating the gas business users, however, many of them are using pressure temperature compensation function of diaphragm gas meter, the reading is not volume after the operation condition of the temperature and pressure compensation value, so, total supply and total sales will inevitably exist certain error, namely the supply and marketing. According to the gas state equation calculation, air supply temperature compared with state standard 20 ℃, 2 per lower. Trade between 93 ℃, the gas company and user measurement value compared with the state standard measurement value will be reduced 1%, therefore, in the winter, average temperature is lower in the northern city, in particular, the effect of temperature on the measurement error especially prominent. Similarly, according to the gas state equation calculation, the user state of gas supply pressure and standard 101. Rising, in comparison with 325 kpa each 1. 0 kpa, trade measurement value by about 1%. Users when using gas burner design pressure generally to 2. 0 kpa, considering the pressure loss of the commercial meter, about 2 meter inlet pressure. 3 kpa, therefore, due to loss of pressure caused the measuring about 2. 3%. According to the Harbin ZhongQing gas co. , LTD. Relevant data analysis, users use the artificial coal gas, because the set temperature and pressure compensation and the gas supply and marketing rate of about 3. 34%. The local gas system is by the artificial coal gas into natural gas, after the conversion, the user burner rated 1 kpa pressure will increase, because the set temperature and pressure compensation device and the supply and marketing rate is expected to reach 4. 34%. Set the temperature to reduce the gas supply and marketing, gas flowmeter pressure compensation device is very necessary. Second, the business users with the choice of fuel gas measuring meters for city gas source scarcity, according to the user's ability to appropriately increase the temperature and pressure compensation device setting range reduce the difference of supply and marketing. In market development stage, the need to expand the business scope of the gas enterprise, fuel gas measuring meters because of the pressure with temperature compensation and without a diaphragm gas meter of temperature, pressure compensation price difference is bigger, the price of fuel gas measuring meters could affect user market development. How to reasonably determine the fuel gas measuring meters commercial user configuration is around gas company need to solve the problem. Gas meter is the basis of the gas business settlement between enterprises and users, the selection of gas meter is an important link in the production and operation of an enterprise, is also the fuel gas user cost of a larger part in the system. In the gas metering equipment selection process of the past, for the development of the user, the fuel gas enterprises mainly focus on the user's bear ability, provide users with a variety of preferential policies to reduce the cost of the fuel gas system is the main means to take. Lower the price of measuring equipment may affect the measuring accuracy, in order to lower the price and choose no gas metering device of temperature, pressure compensation, will further increase the measurement deviation, thus affecting gas enterprise benefit. In order to develop the user, without lowering trade measurement level, can be used for gas company with a meter and the use of temperature, pressure compensation than ordinary meter to increase investment in the measurement cost of the capital by reducing the difference of supply and marketing and to the enterprise the benefits of recycling. To ensure that the gas company to increase the funds in time, avoid the waste of funds, should focus on total life cycle cost and benefit of the equipment. Harbin city gas users now have accepted low common diaphragm gas meter price, for not influence the development of the user, under the assumption that the temperature pressure compensation type diaphragm gas meter, temperature and pressure compensation type roots flowmeter is beyond ordinary diaphragm gas meter fee shall be borne by the gas company, from the initial cost of gas table, regular check, the service life of the gas meter and gas recycling a few gas meter equipment scheme comparison. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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