Hot gas mass flowmeter installation requirements are as follows

by:KAIDI     2021-02-22
1, hot gas mass flowmeter should be installed in horizontal pipe runs: when the gas flow rate is low or horizontal straight pipe length can't meet the requirements, can be installed in vertical pipe runs. 2, hot gas mass flowmeter downstream straight pipe length shall be not less than 5 d ( Process pipe diameter) Straight pipe upstream, shall meet the following requirements: a) Upstream, expanding, reducing, has a 90 & deg; Elbow and tee, not less than 10 d; b) Two consecutive 900 bend upstream with one plane, not less than 15 d; c) With different upper plane for two consecutive 900 elbow, not less than 30 d; d) Equipped with upstream regulator, not less than 40 d. 3, insert type gas thermal mass flowmeter should be installed to cut off the valve.
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