Vortex precession flowmeter of measurement errors in measuring gas medium to reduce the project summary ( Below)

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-17
Article we introduced the vortex precession flowmeter, the causes of errors in measuring gas medium is very tall to the requirement of flow meter for measuring gas, impurity gas containing impurities will affect the precision of measurement data, and as a result of the flowmeter selection and installation requirement also have higher requirements, the work of flowmeter work environment is different, and so on factors, lead to flow meter in the measurement data, the moderating effect of various factors. Embellish of instrument science and technology as a * * of vortex precession flowmeter of manufacturing enterprises, after years of production and to provide users with technical services in the follow-up, summed up a lot about the vortex precession flowmeter installation and improve the experience of running status of flowmeter, on how to eliminate precession vortex flowmeter measurement error with a whole package, the following share one by one to you: a, *, to correct selection range scope in order to ensure the measurement accuracy of the flow, in the design, installation, and use the traffic time, should fully consider the existence of some interference factors, and take corresponding preventive measures. In the installation of traffic time, in strict accordance with the manufacturer's specifications for specification operation, avoid instrument often in the ceiling or often work at lower limit. Under normal circumstances, the flowmeter flow range in the working condition of flowmeter flow of 20% ~ 90%. Intelligent precession flowmeter, normal measurement, flow less than or equal to the working condition of large flow rate of 1. 5 times; Flow rate is greater than or equal to the working condition of large flow rate of 1. Five times, the meter will appear more serious negative deviation, and even loss of pulse. Second, to properly install flowmeter installation flowmeter is should fully consider the clean degree of surrounding environment and medium. Flowmeter installation environment as far as possible to avoid vibration and high temperature, away from the flow interference elements ( Compressor, separator, pressure regulating valve, pipe and elbow reducer remit, etc. ) Straight pipe before and after, to keep the instrument inside sleek straight, ensure to clean single-phase fluid measured medium, straight pipe not less than 5 d before table, table after the straight pipe not less than 1 d. Droplets and trace particle impurities in temperament, to prevent oil particle impurities deposition in vortex occurred around the body, a measurement error; The flow meter machine shell in winter heat preservation, in order to avoid effusion, therefore, should be in strict accordance with the specifications and the actual situation to install, in the process of the installation of the flowmeter, must clear the flow direction of medium, can't reverse installation. Three, according to the actual condition of measuring correctly choose pressure rating of vortex precession flowmeter accuracy must be relative error in calculation, and the accuracy of pressure sensor is in commonly use error calculation. Intelligent precession flowmeter must be accurate test medium pressure, to ensure the accuracy of the flow measurement. At present, the general selection pressure sensor specification level 0. 6 and 1. 0 and 1. 6, 2. 5, 4. 0 and 6. 0MPa。 In intelligent flowmeter, which has been modified with piecewise for pressure testing and design when the pressure is not less than one-third of the medium pressure, can ensure that the relative error of pressure testing is not greater than & plusmn; 0. 4%; But when the pressure is less than one-third of the design pressure, relative error may not guarantee less than & plusmn; 0. 4%. Therefore should be determined according to the scene of the actual medium to high pressure sensor range, otherwise, if use high pressure specifications of the pressure sensor detection of low voltage ( No more than a third design pressure) , cannot ensure the accuracy of flow meter should be. Fourth, to strengthen the daily maintenance work for flow meter ( 1) For the transient flow curve plotting tracking every day, find out the gas peak change rule; ( 2) For gas drawing curve track alignment, every day looking for a gas peak change rule; ( 3) On condition of different gas pressure and temperature parameter drawing curve tracking analysis, find out the better gas supply pressure parameters; ( 4) Upper and lower bounds of every gas flow metering is analyzed, so as to select reasonable measuring range on the meter; Choose the appropriate type flowmeter, from the source to reduce the measurement error; Gas supply situation analysis, grope for gas laws, improving metering management system; ( 5) MoPai gas situation in a timely manner to the downstream users, to master the number of users and the relationship between the gas, timely adjust the measuring instrument. To explore the influence factors of flow meter run time, reduce or eliminate the factors that influence the accurate measurement to improve measurement accuracy. ( 6) In order to reduce the measurement error, shall be installed in a formal instrument to have qualification appraisal department before full range within the scope of the calibration; Do not regularly check the battery status, check instrument coefficient and seal conditions; In use process, eddy current body and other artifacts of instrumentation for regular inspection or cleaning. Regular inspection instrument process state, found that the problem timely rectification; Instrument calibration on a regular basis ( General 1 times/a) 。 In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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