The working principle of electromagnetic flowmeter and measurement

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-10
Electromagnetic flowmeter principle diagram and performance characteristics of the electromagnetic flowmeter is 50 ~ 60 s of the 20th century has been developed rapidly with the development of electronic technology and the new type of flow measurement instrument. Its working principle is made according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic flow meter used to measure the conductive liquid volume flow meter. Because of its unique advantages, electromagnetic flowmeter has been widely applied in all kinds of conductive liquid in the process of industrial flow measurement, such as all kinds of acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive medium; Electromagnetic flowmeter of slurry flow measurement, formed the unique applications. With the progress of technology, the working principle of the electromagnetic flowmeter can measure positive and negative two-way flow of liquid phase it is than any other instrument. On the structure, electromagnetic flowmeter consists of two parts, electromagnetic flow sensor and converter. Sensor installed on the industrial process piping, its role is to flow into the pipe of liquid volume flow values into a linear change of induced electric potential signal, and through the transmission line will be sending the signal converter. Converter is installed in place not far away from the sensor, it will flow from sensor signal amplifier, translates into electrical signal proportional to the standard traffic signal output, for display, accumulation and adjustment control. The working principle of the electromagnetic flowmeter ( A) Measuring principle based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, when the conductor in magnetic field movement cutting lines, commutation in the ends of the conductor is e, its direction to be determined by the right-hand rule, its size and the magnetic induction intensity of the magnetic field B, the length of the conductor in magnetic field the L and the conductor is directly proportional to the speed of movement of the u, if B, L, u three mutually perpendicular, e = Blu ( 3-35) If on both ends of the diameter of the pipe cross section perpendicular to the magnetic field on the installation of a pair of electrodes ( Figure 3 & ndash; 17) Can prove that, as long as the pipe distribution, velocity distribution for axisymmetric, also generate induced electromotive force between two electrodes: e = BD ( 3-36) The available pipes of volume flow is: the qv = & PI; DUˉ= ( 3-37) To be sure, to make the type ( 3 - 37) Established strict, must satisfy measurement conditions the following assumptions: the constant magnetic field of magnetic field is uniform distribution; (2) the distribution of flow velocity of axisymmetric body; (3) measured liquid are magnetic; (4) by measuring the electrical conductivity of homogeneous and isotropic liquid. If you want to choose and electromagnetic flowmeter, click on the url below to access the selection catalog page: llyb dianciliuliangji/click on the following video information into the button, watch the working principle of electromagnetic flowmeter animation video.
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