The related factors affecting ultrasonic flowmeter measurement series of questions and answers

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-22
What are the factors influencing ultrasonic flowmeter metering include? 1. The fluid medium ( Ultrasonic flowmeter can measure the dielectric is required, some media don't test) 2. The temperature of the medium 3. Whether the full package ( Liquid ultrasonic flowmeter) 4. The time difference method of the principle of ultrasonic flowmeter can only relatively pure liquid flow measurement. 5. Method of doppler ultrasonic flowmeter specially with impurity bubble liquid flow measurement. The material of pipe 7. Pipe wall thickness of 8. Medium velocity range ( Low high uncertainty) 9. When sensor probe contact wall is a good contact, general wall needs to be polished, coupled with the coupling agent can achieve a good contact, if contact is not good will affect the signal transmission of 10. The distance of the sensor probe installation ( Refers to the method of time difference ultrasonic flowmeter, the time difference method is done through the refraction of ultrasonic measurement, if the distance is not that the signal is also a very big effect) 11. The time difference method flowmeter general probe is installed in the side, do not recommend installed at the top. Because the top there will be a bubble. The time difference method is impurity cannot bring too much bubbles! The influence of the installation for measuring precision of the ultrasonic flowmeter? Is the advantage of using reflection waves can be many times through the liquid inside, quite a repeated sampling, so the measurement accuracy is higher, such as methods of V and W. But the premise is the pipe inner surface smooth enough, otherwise after multiple reflection signal attenuation signal quality serious decline. Input parameters such as wall thickness and pipe diameter is accurate enough, otherwise will introduce greater error. In-line so-called Z method is only one path, accuracy is lower than V and W method but advantage is high signal intensity, data can be measured more easily. Pipe sections of ultrasonic flowmeter and the outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter variations among the different cantons. Section ultrasonic advantages, one is using high accuracy machining section, sensors installed before delivery, guarantee the high precision measurement, and insert, clip-on use outside the original pipeline, pipe diameter, wall thickness, etc. , need to test error will be introduced; 2 it is flange connection installation, do not need to * *. And outside of the ultrasonic flowmeter, high requirement to the installation personnel, installation level directly affect the accuracy of measurement, maintenance work more in the future, a long time after the operation, coupling agent, or the sensor position changes will affect the measurement, need regular maintenance. Why is ultrasonic flowmeter is basic of large diameter pipeline flow measurement * *. Diameter from DN15 ~ 6000 with pipeline, handheld, portable, etc. , can use small, just for a few small diameter of the medium. But most medium to small diameter, it is not a * * ultrasonic flowmeter. Using time difference type ultrasonic flowmeter measurement principle: a probe signal through the wall, after medium, the other side of the wall, by another probe to receive, at the same time, the two probe emission signal is same * first probe to receive, due to the influence of medium velocity, the lag in & Delta; T, according to the calculation can be concluded that the velocity V and lag & Delta; T the conversion relationship between the V = ( C2/2L) × Δ T, then can get the flow value Q. For general industrial measurement of liquid flow velocity is often a few meters per second, and propagation velocity of sound waves in a fluid is about 1500 m/s, by flow velocity ( Traffic) If requirement for the accuracy of measuring the velocity of 1%, the measurement accuracy of the sound velocity for 10 - 5 ~ 10 - 6 orders of magnitude, so there must be a perfect measuring circuit to achieve. The price is relatively high. And imports more expensive imported precision is also higher. And ultrasonic flowmeter for straight pipe section of the demand is high, otherwise the measurement accuracy will be affected, itself, measuring accuracy relative to other traffic object is poor, unless with imported, so commonly used in large diameter. Ultrasonic flowmeter is expensive? Ultrasonic flowmeter is cheap, it is biased, can only say that some parameters of the low price, and by the parameters of the relative price is high. * first classification of ultrasonic flowmeter has a plug-in, pipe sections of ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter clip-on outside this several kinds of ultrasonic flow meter, portable ultrasonic flowmeter, and some field working condition demand is high, the corresponding material requirement is high also, and different manufacturers use the quality of the hardware such as sensor, circuit boards, probe is different also. Urban sewage flow measurement is good solution ultrasonic flowmeter? Electromagnetic flowmeter and ultrasonic flowmeter used on sewage pressure pipe, which is more appropriate? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Consider urban wastewater quality instability for urban sewage, the advantages of electromagnetic: accuracy higher than ultrasound, urban sewage conductivity must meet the requirements. Weakness: the need to pipe installation, want to have a certain velocity, that is to say, after the sewage concentration, using a transfer pump, the electromagnetic can have an advantage. Ultrasonic if used on the pipeline accuracy is lower than the electromagnetic, particle impact is bigger also. General super living wave aided measurement for open channel flow meter, liquid level measurement of open channel flow meter, open channel flow meter belongs to the natural flow, buried in the ground, without pressure transmission. Ultrasonic flowmeter advantage in where? Ultrasonic flowmeter has many advantages, such as can be portable, more flexible to pipe diameter requirement, basic pipe diameter changes will not affect the price, there is no requirement, pressure because of the outer clip-on, also need not cut pipe installation, flexible and convenient! Advantage in some super small diameter and large diameter, such as the DN: 6 mm DN: 6500 mm and some corrosion resistance and the conductive medium, it can make up for the inadequacy of other conventional flowmeter. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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