The phenomenon of disorderly magnetic magnetic level gauge turning what reason be?

by:KAIDI     2021-02-18
In petroleum chemical industry, food industry and other industrial production equipment, liquid level meter is an essential process dashboard type on the spot. Magnetic flap liquid level meter because of its low cost, low accurate measurement work of regulation, wide detection range, mark clear, convenient read value, high working pressure grade, a good many advantages such as safety coefficient was applied by many companies. Only because the magnetic flap the level due to the nature of magnetic steel is not stable, used after period of time, with weaker magnetic, magnetic pot of oil level sensor and indicator in the small loss of magnetic coupling effect among magnetic steel, magnetic double column if indicator can not carry out because with magnetic magnetic follow and not properly labeled, and are for precise measurement and statistics collection staff work, leading to a lot of confusion. According to west source dashboard technology co. , LTD. , professional and technical personnel in detail, such as several opinions of the indicator small magnets with weaker magnetic level caused by different magnetic phenomenon ( Nickname screen flashing) It is the key to the initial magnetic flap cause chaos to magnetic level gauge. In recent years, along with some overall strength, heavy quality panel manufacturers of technological progress, magnetic steel belt magnetic enough to raise, magnetic enough to improve reliability, because mentioned fee up & other; Disorderly magnetic & throughout; Condition is reduced, and the other that is not easy to find the reason. Magnetic flap in the application of basic level gauge accurate measurement of liquefied nitrogen compound easy gasification material level meter, the stable cases, the measured material liquid and high performance liquid conversion over balance each other. At this time, if by the pumped liquid in the tank, the upper level interior space to expand, liquid pressure reducing, there will be a part of the liquid gasification of electric heat tracing) There will be many bubbles, small bubbles to bubble rising in the whole process of fusion, large bubbles into the basic magnetic flap the accurate measurement of liquid level meter room, it will lead to a rise in liquid phase and liquid phase in the period of rising in the whole process when encountering the oil level sensor, gas was willing to around over the oil level sensor, oil level sensor together fitness room rate too fast and accurate measurement indicator loss of magnetic coupling effect of the outside world, cause & other; Disorderly magnetic & throughout; Condition. Also has, in the normal production of closed pipeline, sometimes because all sorts of all sorts of doping in some kind of high performance liquid bubble of many sizes, more serious and will cause & other Gas to segment & throughout; 。 The emergence of this kind of high performance liquid mixed gas to be subsequently changes on manufacturing, installation if one has basic magnetic level gauge turning machine equipment into the pipe material and relative parts of the liquid level meter is bubbles into the liquid level meter, when mixed with liquid phase high performance liquid into the machinery and equipment, liquid phase will be into the magnetic flap accurate measurement of liquid level meter, if be some diversification into small bubbles, because magnetic level gauge turning accurately measure the relative density of the material inside the room change is very big, oil level sensor by the buoyancy of water will change greatly, the part of the oil level sensor is also changed, magnetic level gauge marked by the level indicator turning value can cause the deviation of the big or small is that this kind of situation do nao magnetic level gauge turning everything is normal, if is a big bubble or 1 & other; The liquid phase period & throughout; Into the magnetic flap level gauge precisely measure the room, can also cause such as ignore liquefied hydrocarbon in front when the above & other; Disorderly magnetic & throughout; Condition. Caused the above basic magnetic level gauge turning all can not work normally in the condition of all because the level of high performance liquid substances in precise measurement of doping gas relative impact caused by the liquid level gauge, magnetic level gauge turning to make everything work properly, for it by various upgrading, be sure to let it can blend in this kind of impact.
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