The integration of measuring accuracy of orifice flowmeter in the steam

by:KAIDI     2021-02-03
In industrialized production of steam flow measurement, the steam as the key to the middle of the modifier and the production of raw materials has a crucial effect in production and manufacturing, only because of the characteristics of the steam is unique, very accurate measurement problem is prohibited. How to reasonably improve steam flow measurement accuracy, it is always people pursuit of the perfect overall objectives. Manufacturing in the dashboard to accurately measure the vapor and the standard orifice plate and electromagnetic flowmeter, elbow flowmeter, such as goods, only more demand or normative integration orifice meter, the steam flow measurement accuracy is too low is the main reason to carry out the analysis, based on the details in the my enterprise steam flow measurement, and the key for the integration of orifice meter, from throttle valve components, pressure pipe, many times to relative density compensation and the harm level of correlation coefficient analysis, clearly improve measurement accuracy of accurate method is proposed. An accurate measurement, multiple components deviation caused by the integration of throttle orifice flowmeter components is sharp bevel edge, fluid mechanics in the throttle valve components channels collapsed, according to the 'diligent formula, water flow to ascend, working pressure decreases, the precise measurement of the orifice plate principle is based on the orifice plate channel and the pressure difference between the inward and outward to carry out accurate measurement. , creating orifice plate flat to blunt the back out of the index of data error. Discharge index of the harm of steam flow measurement is a common phenomenon. Accurate measurement tube is the composition of the throttle device, the construction specifications convection strength liquidity situation is critical, accurate measurement tube in addition to consider before 12 d after 5 d, also has a regulation system surface gloss. Not smooth pipe flow around and finish is distinct, discharge index is not the same, line scale, etching, discharge index changed a lot, cause data error. For orifice plate channel edge damage problem, people can adopt standard nozzle, cant for nozzle channel is a bright and clean, its wear resistance, resistance to pollution, resistance to deformation is far better than orifice, reliability is better than orifice discharge index, work stress damage is much smaller than orifice, and its metrological verification cycle time for 4 years, greatly reduces the maintenance fee. Aimed at the problem of accurate measurement tube, as much as possible in the pipeline construction with high gloss, high cost performance of the line, please accurate measurement technology professional manufacturers custom-made when necessary piping, flange connection, cooler, etc. , compensation of temperature and pressure of points with can agree on. Although a project investment higher, because not very after consign is used, usually not to carry out the conversion, or application cycle time as long as possible, as the comprehensive economic benefits is high. Second, accurate measurement data signal transmission frame accurate measurement data signals is around before and after the orifice gas pressure data signals are sent by the pilot pressure tube differential pressure transmitter, because the structure is different, the integration of orifice flowmeter is different from the electromagnetic flowmeter to be immediately installed in piping, it must carry out the data signals. For steam flow measurement, transmission part can be made of gate, guide tube, cooler and other artifacts. In view of the data signal components, do not break the frame should ensure that transmit data signals. Most of the common faults of the concrete application, the data signals caused by lost frames. Gas pressure data signal transmission loss caused by the frame to work with the temperature and pressure data for compensation signal loss frame harm is bigger, it is important to pay attention to. Cooler in data signal in important place, a liquid level to maintain the cooler must be height to width ratio, unnecessary cold suspected fluid to flow back to the steam pipe, not only ensure the cooler vapor very good cold, cold and make suspected flow back into the open. Liquid phase of multiple root tube gate valves should ensure that vapor liquid into the cooler, cooler inside unnecessary cold flow back to the steam pipe, suspected or two cooler liquid level can not maintain flush, can cause additional deviation signal of gas pressure data. Multiple root gate as far as possible, using cut-off valve, to ensure the working pressure data signals unimpeded, reduce data error. Precise measurement with the guide of pressure and adiabatic electric heating tube, otherwise can't normal work in the winter. No matter choose or steam electric heating, electric heating system must ensure that two guide pressure tube heated symmetry, etc. , or we'll because of relative density is not the same tube in the liquid and cause additional gas pressure deviation. As work pressure compensation for the use of intelligent transducer and pressure of work pressure usually do not have the same aspect ratio, if smart transducer than a low pressure, measured to the working pressure of work pressure of inlet steam in the guide tube cold fluid of suspected cause more work pressure, can be carried out in the smart transducer are moving to transfer the pressure of work. Make smart transducer to the working pressure for specific steam pressure in the pipeline.
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