The daily maintenance of magnetic liquid level transmitter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-07
Magnetic liquid level transmitter the daily maintenance of magnetic liquid level transmitter is used for sending containers within the medium level change for 4 ~ 20 ma two wire standard signal output, transmitter can also provide the instructions. Magnetic liquid level transmitter is normal, anti-corrosion, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion type of strong corrosive medium has excellent corrosion resistance, explosion-proof type can be used in inflammable and explosive occasions. Magnetic liquid level transmitter is widely used in chemical industry, electric power, papermaking, food, environmental protection and urban construction and other industries, such as sewage treatment, buried tank and high-level water tank level measurement. Magnetic liquid level transmitter installation method is introduced: the installation using the magnetic liquid level transmitter should be read before the product sample and specification, installation time pressure interface can't leak, to ensure that the range and wiring is correct. The shell of magnetic liquid level transmitter usually takes grounding, signal cable shall not be mixed with the power cable laying, magnetic liquid level transmitter there should avoid strong electromagnetic interference. Magnetic liquid level transmitter in use should be periodic verification as stipulated in the industry. Magnetic liquid level transmitter common fault analysis and processing methods of capacitive pressure transducer measurement part sensitive components are all welded structure, electronic circuit part adopts wave soldering and connector installation, the overall structure solid, durable, little fault. To the vast majority of users come to, if discover sensitive component fails, generally unable to repair itself, should be replaced with magnetic liquid level transmitter manufacturers its integral parts. Magnetic liquid level transmitter maintenance methods: 1. Should first try to prevent the magnetic liquid level transmitter and corrosive medium contact or overheating. 2. When measuring the liquid pressure, take pressure should be opened in the side of the process piping, to avoid deposit product residue. 3. To prevent the dross in intraductal deposits. 4. Guide pressure pipe shall be installed where small temperature fluctuations. 5. Measuring gas pressure, the pressure mouth should be open at the top of the process piping, and magnetic liquid level transmitter should be installed in the flow. Routine upper pipeline, so that the accumulated liquid injection process pipeline easily. 6. Freezing in winter, when installed in outdoor magnetic liquid level transmitter anti-freezing measures must be adopted to avoid bring pressure inside the liquid due to the icing volume expansion, causes loss of sensors. 7. Wiring, the cable through the waterproof connector or round tube and screw down the sealing nut, such as in case of rain through the cable leakage into the magnetic liquid level transmitter inside the shell. 8. When measuring the liquid pressure, magnetic liquid level transmitter installation location should avoid the impact of the liquid ( Water hammer) To avoid magnetic liquid level transmitter overvoltage damage.
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