The advantages and disadvantages of DN80 orifice meter

by:KAIDI     2021-02-04
DN80 orifice meter capable of measuring gas, steam, liquid and flow, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electricity, heating, water supply in areas such as process control and measurement. The throttle device, also known as differential pressure flowmeter, is composed of a detection ( The throttle) And the second device ( Differential pressure transmitter and flow display) Widely used in the gas. Steam and liquid flow measurement. Has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, stable performance DN80 orifice meter advantages: 1, the standard throttling is full, and recognised by the international standards organization, without real flow calibration, can putting-in-service proactively; 2, the structure is easy to copy, simple, strong, stable and reliable performance, low price; 3, wide range of applications, including all the single phase fluid ( Liquid, gas, steam) , partially miscible flow, pipe diameter, working state of the general production process ( Temperature and pressure) All can be measured; 4, test piece and the differential display instrument can separate different manufacturer production, facilitate specialization scale production. DN80 orifice meter a degree, measurement repeatability, shortcomings in the flow sensor belongs to medium level, due to the influence of many factors is complex, the degree of difficult to improve; 2, narrow range of degrees, because the flow coefficient and Reynolds number, the general scope of only 3:1 ~ 4:1; 3, have long straight pipe length requirements, generally difficult to satisfy. Especially for large diameter, problems become more prominent; 4, the pressure loss; 5, orifice hole within acute Angle line to ensure accuracy, so the sensor is sensitive to corrosion, wear, scale, dirt, use for a long time to guarantee the accuracy need to remove the strong checked once a year; 6, use flange connection, easy to run, run, drip, leak problems, greatly increases the maintenance workload. DN80 orifice meter
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