The advantage of the ultrasonic flowmeter and the flow measurement in power plant actual case

by:Kaidi Sensors     2021-01-02
As for ultrasonic flowmeter processing technology upgrade, and more intelligent technology application in ultrasonic flow measurement, its market share continuously improve, and simple and convenient for installation and debugging, in many wastewater treatment, municipal engineering, large diameter pipe liquid measure, include many power plants are selected as the instrument of ultrasonic flowmeter types. This article is based on basic principle of ultrasonic flowmeter measurement in practice and the classification of different point of view, the basic characteristics of ultrasonic flowmeter and defects has carried on the detailed analysis, and through real cases related plant are introduced the successful application of ultrasonic flowmeter in flow measurement practice, to guide the user when similar measurement environment can make the right choice. A, the ultrasonic flowmeter can be classified from the perspective of the following: one is according to the basic principle of ultrasonic flowmeter can be divided into time difference method, ring ring method, phase difference method, correlation method, wo street, method and doppler method, etc. ; Second, according to the installation of the ultrasonic probe method ultrasonic flowmeter can be divided into the bound type and plug-in, plug-in can be differentiated according to whether a measurement section; Three ultrasonic flowmeter is based on a track number can be divided into two kinds of multichannel and mono type; Fourth, according to the performance characteristics of ultrasonic, ultrasonic flowmeter can be categorized into a portable, stationary, standard and the low temperature water proof, etc. Two basic characteristics analysis of ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter will gradually in the long-term development of the traditional turbine flowmeter, differential pressure flowmeter and electromagnetic flowmeter measurement method, is analyzed from different perspectives, ultrasonic flowmeter can know mainly has following several aspects in the practice of advantages:, ultrasonic flowmeter in practice for installation and maintenance more convenient and quick ultrasonic flowmeter compared with other methods of the flowmeter, installation and maintenance more convenient and quick, for flow rate measurement system of large caliber, ultrasonic flowmeter advantage is very obvious in this respect, can save a lot of manpower and logistics costs. In recent years, with the ultrasonic flowmeter in the applied research in the field of practice, the ultrasonic flowmeter can need not consider when installation and maintenance are on the road to cut off the flow or conduct punching cumbersome steps. Second, the ultrasonic flowmeter measurement diameter as measured ultrasonic flowmeter in the larger diameter measurement can reach 10 m, which is the prominent advantages of ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter suitable diameter range is relatively large, can be in a certain range, such as relatively free flow measurement, when the measured diameter beyond a certain range, the meter could be affected by the outside world all aspects of factors restrict and difficult to satisfy the requirement of the concrete measure, this time can consider to use ultrasonic flowmeter to a targeted to solve these problems, at the same time can be arbitrary diameter measurement. In addition, pipe diameter size range does not affect the price of the ultrasonic flowmeter, and other flow meter price often changes with the change of the pipe diameter size range. Third, the ultrasonic flowmeter measurement reliability higher installed either wet or external clip-on ultrasonic flowmeter are not affect measuring flow fluency, without any pressure loss; At the same time, the sensor can be used for the center with microcomputer phase-lock loop timing method solve the problem of electric power fault and signal attenuation, etc, so as to make the ultrasonic flowmeter measurement reliability higher. Fourth, ultrasonic flowmeter measurement was not influenced by the influence of related parameters such as fluid of fluid physical properties and electrical conductivity, roughness and other related parameters will not affect the measurement of ultrasonic flowmeter. In addition, ultrasonic flowmeter measurement results by computer automatic control system for automatic display and print, and realize networking operation. However, we also should notice when the choice ultrasonic flowmeter in practice there are some disadvantages, one is the performance of ultrasonic flowmeter sensor installation has a certain influence on the accuracy of measurement results, so the sensor installation has strict requirements; The second is the accuracy of ultrasonic flowmeter and electromagnetic flowmeter accuracy than there is still a big gap between. Three, the application of ultrasonic flowmeter in flow measurement in power plant due to the ultrasonic flowmeter with outstanding technology advantage, so ultrasonic flowmeter in flow measurement of power plants widely attention of the various applications, can be reflected from the several application cases. Poplar river power plant before 2003 are generally single direction is realized by using differential pressure flowmeter of the flow measurement, after using ultrasonic flowmeter for flow measurement, discovered the negative flow phenomenon, and thus save a lot of purchase cost of water for power plant, the plant early in the condensate line vortex bit flow meter will be installed, but because in practice is affected by the flow meter technological change, the accuracy of flow meter and puts forward the higher request, the vortex bit flowmeter in this case can't satisfy this demand, therefore in the protection of the power plant under normal operation condition can make more select ultrasonic flowmeter measurement.
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