RZ - 1158 w insert type ultrasonic flowmeter correct installation and wiring diagram

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-11-01
In industrial production of liquid medium flow measurement technology, ultrasonic flowmeter, as a kind of convenient and flexible, convenient installation, maintenance quantity is little, has been widely used, embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. As a * * is engaged in research and development of ultrasonic flowmeter and manufacturing enterprises, in the years to provide users with products and services in the process, summarized a set of insert type ultrasonic installation and maintenance of valuable experience, in view of the fact that in the process of installing RZ - often confuse the user 1158 w plug in the connection problem of ultrasonic flowmeter, we let the * * engineers dedicated to plot out the detailed wiring diagram sign for example, for the vast number of user controls and learning. * we first describe our first production of this one fact 1158 w plug-in product characteristics of ultrasonic flowmeter, it is a widely used, the general budget, plug-in, time difference method ultrasonic flowmeter. It has a very simple installation, can achieve & other; Online belt pressure & throughout; Installation, on-site without having to stop production, make customer easy measurement of pipe flow. The important point is: it has adopted the digital correlation technology and intelligent adaptive acoustic technology, make its measuring stability more outstanding. At the same time, it USES the focus on technology, can ensure that the quality of the products in the continuous measurement of reception was significantly enhanced, greatly enhanced the product measurement performance boost. RZ - 1158 w insert type ultrasonic flowmeter its basic structure is made up of transmitter, sensors of two parts. Insert the probe can be online installation under pressure to have installed solid, the scene without shutdown, etc. Especially suitable for used to contain a small amount of a single liquid medium of particles and bubbles of flow measurement. The instrument USES the domestic popular modular unibody design, independent menu operation, LCD backlight display. Protection grade reaches IP65 products transmitter, sensor to achieve IP68 protection grade, suitable for soaking wet, such as the use of harsh environments. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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