Rotor flowmeter is one of the more common in the process of using three kinds of faults and solution

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-10
As the indispensable instrument in industrial production, flow meter in the field of a huge amount of industrial production has played an important role, the actual use of the flowmeter is a lot of more phyletic, according to the requirements of the sample is not working condition of measured medium and different will need to use different flow meter, such as: the rotor flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, etc. This is just a broad categories of classification, according to the specific requirements of measuring is not the same, every kinds of flowmeter can be subdivided more small type flowmeter. Such as rotor flow meter and can be divided into glass rotor flowmeter, metal tube flow meter, plastic pipe flow meter, small flow meter and so on. Rotameter, also known as the float flowmeter is a kind of according to the variable area flowmeter, the liquid in the flowmeter calibration tube flowmeter, bottom-up, fluid buoyancy and upward lift lead float up, reach a balance, but and gravity float remain stable, flow indicator scale at this time is the real traffic flow. But sometimes happen some fault rotor flowmeter, there are three kinds of common: one, the metal tube rotameter measurement error: 1. Influence on gas medium due to temperature and pressure, and recommended way to obtain the real flow of temperature, pressure compensation. 2. Due to long-term use of multiple factors flow meter sensing and pipeline vibration, magnetic steel, Pointers and counterweight, rotating magnetic steel parts loose, caused the error. Solution: can use first hand push pointer to verify. *, the position of the pointer on the RP first to see if the output is 4 ma, flow display is 0%, and in turn according to the calibration for validation. If found, can be adjusted to place parts. General requirements * * personnel adjustment, otherwise it will cause the loss position, need to return to factory. 3. Installation does not conform to the requirements: for vertical installation to keep vertical rotor flowmeter, dip Angle is not more than 20 degrees; For horizontal rotor flowmeter must keep level, tilt Angle is not more than 20 degrees; Rotameter around 100 mm space may not be a ferromagnetic objects. To stay away from the valve installation position process pipeline diameter changes, pump discharge, corner, etc. Keep straight pipe before 5 d after 250 mm. 4. The density of liquid medium larger changes is also a cause of error. Because the instrument before calibration, it will be medium conversion, according to the density of users give converted to calibration status of water flow in calibration, so if the change of medium density is bigger, can cause very big error of measurement. Solution can be change after medium density into the formula of the conversion error correction coefficient, then flow meter to measure flow rate multiplied by the coefficient for the real traffic. Second, the rotor flow meter pointer jitter: 1. Slight pointer jitter: generally caused by fluctuations in medium. Can be used to increase the damping ways to overcome. 2. Moderate pointer jitter: generally caused by medium flow state. Is often caused by unstable operating pressure of medium for gas. Can use voltage or current regulator devices to overcome or increase the air damping rotor flowmeter. 3. Due to severe pointer jitter: medium pulse, pressure instability or users are given the gas pressure, temperature and flow of the operating state does not accord with the actual state of the rotor flowmeter, has a bigger difference caused by the rotor flow meter range. Three, metal tube rotameter cursor to a location without moving, the main reason is that the rotor flow meter of the rotor. Generally due to rotor flowmeter open valve too fast when using, makes the rotor fast upward shock stop, stop deformation caused rotor card to death. But does not rule out due to the rotor guide bar with different heart stop ring, causing rotor. Processing instrument can be removed, the deformation of plastic surgery to stop off, and check whether with guide bar work, such as different heart can be calibrated, then the rotor installed, push the rotor, feeling the rotor unimpeded card can be up and down, in addition, the rotor flowmeter installation must be vertical or horizontal installation, cannot tilt, otherwise easy to cause the card table, and also brings to the measurement error. ( Instrument science and technology in this paper by embellish release, if you encounter any problems in the process of using the instrument, can call our domestic sales service hotline: 0517 - 86917118, we have * * personnel unriddling for you)
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