Radar level gauge market application prospect

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-05
Radar level gauge appear as the instrument industry is new bestow favor on, since it has better performance of other types of instrument does not have, and for measuring way is contact, can adapt to a wider range of industrial and mining production environment and requirements. So the attention of more and more users and love. Radar level gauge is usually divided into frequency modulated continuous wave and pulse radar in two forms. As two kinds of different measurement way, lead to the final precision of the measuring way is also different, the measuring accuracy of pulse radar as frequency modulation continuous wave radar ( FMCW) 。 Pulse radar working mode similar to the ultrasonic level meter: antenna launch microwave pulse cycle, and echo receiving material, at the same time analyze the echo signal processing, confirmation echo, according to the calculation of material level. According to leap in science and technology of the actual installation and maintenance of technical personnel, the measuring accuracy of pulse radar with ultrasonic level meter difference is not too much, and the market price is higher than many. So, the user should choose according to actual demand when specific choice is suitable for the relevant product characteristics using the unit. Embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. In the production of radar level gauge has a strong advantage, embodied in as avic radar and electronic equipment research unit enterprise docking manufacturers, over the years has been committed to the radar level gauge * * of the product development, production and sales, since successfully trial-produced domestic development of radar level gauge, the customer has used this product covers the petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, metallurgy, food, sewage treatment and many other industries well-known enterprises, by the vast number of users consistent affirmative. The radar level gauge is the national key new products, national torch plan project, and the 13th invention exhibition won the gold in the country. The linear frequency modulation correction technology and automatic frequency tracking filtering technology for many national and the domestic status, there are more than 700 sets of radar level gauge normal running smoothly at home and abroad users, its inexpensive price, excellent product quality and perfect and fast sales services system is deeply trusted by the user. To sum up, the domestic has fully independent intellectual property rights of radar level gauge, provided larger choice space for the domestic and foreign users, also for their cost optimization, the rational allocation of resources to provide the more convenient. According to China's rapid economic development, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and other areas of the process industry demand for radar level gauge will be bigger and bigger. Have by now believe radar level meter will have a better tomorrow, is committed to enhancing the technical levels of existing radar level gauge, constantly strive to develop more new material level meter, to provide users with better service.
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