Liquid level transmitter of several common types, do you know?

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-23
Liquid level transmitter of several common types, do you know? The stability of the liquid level transmitter in both appearance and precision measurement or signal anti-jamming performance is a domestic leading. Liquid level transmitter of key raw materials, components and parts are imported or joint venture, the whole machine through strict assembly and testing, liquid level transmitter, variety complete specifications with advanced design principle, installation convenient use, etc. Because the total integration of the current domestic popular models appearance, and the structure advantages of widely used two kinds of transducer, let users have the feeling that find everything new and fresh, at the same time with the traditional series of products can be directly replace on installation, strong commonality and replace ability. For the constant improvement of the domestic automation level and the development, liquid level transmitter in addition to the design cabinet and delicate, more has introduced HART field bus protocol of intelligent function. Liquid level transmitter of various kinds of container for precise liquid level and density measurement, there are flat flange and plug-in flange for choice, flange are 3 'or 4 inches, 1501 b and 3001 b flange specifications, can also according to customer's custom flange, flange diaphragm material is optional. To satisfy more customers' needs, liquid level transmitter manufacturers developed more types of liquid level transmitter, below, to introduce several kinds of common type liquid level transmitter! 1, the ball float liquid level transmitter, catheters, signal is measured by the magnetic floating ball, unit, the electronic unit, junction box and install. The proportion of general magnetic float less than 0. 5, can float on the surface and move up and down along the measuring tube. Intraductal equipped with measuring element, it can will be under outer magnetic liquid level measurement signal is proportional to the resistance of the liquid level change signal, and converting electronic unit 4 ~ 20 ma, or other standard signal output. The liquid level transmitter module circuit, has the advantages of acid, moisture, shock, anti-corrosion, internal circuit has permanently within the current feedback circuit and protect circuit, can make the output zui large current is not more than 28 ma, it can be reliably protect power and secondary instrument is not damaged. 2, the buoy type liquid level transmitter: is change the magnetic float to buoy, it is designed according to the principle of Archimedes. Buoy type liquid level transmitter is to use small metal film strain sensor technology to measure the liquid level, the position or density. It can be done in the scene button at work regular set operation. The principle of measurement of the liquid level transmitter using hydrostatic pressure. It usually chooses silicon pressure measured by pressure sensor will be converted to electrical signals, then through amplifying circuit amplification compensation and compensation circuit, with 4 ~ 20 ma or 0 ~ 10 ma current output. 3, capacitive liquid level transmitter: applicable to industrial enterprises in the process of production to measure and control the production process, mainly used as a kind of conductive liquid level and the conductive medium distance continuous measurement of powder or granular solid material level and instructions. Capacitive liquid level transmitter is composed of capacitor sensor and electronic module circuit, it with two wire system 4 ~ 20 ma constant current output type as the base, through the transformation, can use the way of three lines or four lines output, the output signal form for 1 ~ 5 v, 0 ~ 5 v, 0 ~ 10 ma, and other standard signal. Insulated electrode capacitance sensor and a measuring of medium cylindrical metal container. When material level rise, due to the dielectric constant of conductive material significantly less than the dielectric constant of the air, so the capacitance changes with the height of the material. The liquid level transmitter module circuit by the reference source, pulse width modulation, conversion, constant gain, feedback and current limit and other units. The principle of liquid level transmitter of the pulse width adjustable measurement has the advantage of low frequency, radio frequency interference on the surrounding yuan, good stability, good linear, no temperature drift, etc. 4, magnetic liquid level transmitter: turning the liquid level transmitter is suitable for tin can, plastic cans and chemical industry the level measurement on the reaction kettle. 5, ultrasonic liquid level transmitter: the liquid level transmitter is suitable for high viscosity medium measurement. The price is relatively low.
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