Liquid level transmitter is the extension and development of technology of pressure transmitter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-22
Liquid level transmitter is the extension and development of technology of pressure transmitter liquid level transmitter is the extension and development of the technology of pressure transmitter according to the different proportion of liquid in a linear relationship with different produced by high pressure principle, the implementation of water, oil and paste volume, accurate measurement and transmission of liquid height, weight. Liquid level transmitter is mainly used in industrial field level measurement and control, urban water supply and sewage treatment, hydrological monitoring, petroleum, chemical industry, power plant construction of reservoirs, DAMS, water and electricity in the field of liquid level measurement and control. Rely on the abundant technical force, modern production equipment, advanced detection means, perfect measuring equipment production liquid level transmitter, liquid level transmitter design principle of our advanced, easy to install and use, suitable for a variety of media. Overload and strong anti-interference ability, stable performance. Transfeeder at its various level changes of the parameters can be converted into a standard current signal, remote transmission to the operating room, for secondary instrument or computer for centralized display, alarm, or automatic control. Liquid level transmitter good structure and installation, can be used in high temperature and high pressure, strong corrosion, easy to crystallization, prevent jams, prevent cold junction and under special conditions, such as solid powder, granular material level, material level or the level of continuous testing, which can be widely applied in all kinds of industrial process control testing. Simple structure: there were moving or elastic element, so the reliability is extremely high, little maintenance. Convenient installation: the built-in type structure especially shows the characteristics, without any special tools. Convenient adjustment: the zero and span two potentiometer can be zero within the scope of the liquid level detection effectively any migration or range change, two adjustment each other. Wide range of USES; Suitable for high temperature and high pressure, strong corrosive medium level measurement. With the continuous development of science and technology, liquid level transmitter industry also followed the pace of information era towards the development of the intelligent network era. Combined with the advance of computer technology, network technology and development, modern industry liquid level transmitter to the PC or workstation as the foundation, through a network to constitute a practical measurement and control system, improve the production efficiency and sharing of information resources. The future development trend of liquid level transmitter industry in China has four. 1. With the continuous development of the microelectronics mechanical technology and mature, and the lower the price, its application field will also continue to increase, so the miniaturization is one of the future development trend of the liquid level transmitter. Micro level transmitter will not only have the function of the traditional liquid level transmitter, but also in the automation technology, aerospace, military, biotechnology, medical field play a unique role. 2. In the future, the liquid level transmitter will be much more functional. This kind of multi-function integrated products not only in performance than the special pulse generator and high frequency synthesizer, and on various test function provides a good solution. 3. Artificial intelligence is a new field of computer application, liquid level transmitter will further development, the future will contain certain artificial intelligence, instead of one part of the mental work. After the application of artificial intelligence in the modern liquid level transmitter, not only can solve the problem of the traditional method is difficult to solve a class of, can also be used to solve the traditional way can't solve the problem. 4. With the rapid development of network technology, network technology is gradually to the industrial control and intelligent liquid level transmitter system design field penetration, the liquid level transmitter isp and emit technology industry will fusion, in order to realize the network. The concept of network level transmitter is to break through the traditional concept of measuring instrument, the concept of network is the instrument, the exact Outlines the networked development trend of instrument. Age in progress, technology in the continuous innovation, more waiting for human to explore unknown areas, liquid level transmitter industry will be driven in the Internet age, toward the direction of more intelligent high-end.
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