How to select the suitable according to the specific conditions of different flow meter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-03
Flowmeter right choice is very important significance for the precise measurement of the flow rate, the same working condition choose different flow meter for the final measurement results is certainly a considerable difference, if improper choice at the beginning, serious and even lead to can't be the number of measurements, and cause the damage of the instrument, so the user is necessary on how to choose appropriate have a correct understanding of the flow meter, learn some basic selection method, will help when choosing instrument errors. To ensure the flow meter at the scene of the production process, the use of accurate, play a good selection of flowmeter, in general, must be the medium of the measurement according to the production site. This article enumerated the child a variety of media, the user can be a reference to himself in the flowmeter selection: a, sewage, paper pulp, such as turbid liquid medium, should choose the flow meter of varieties are: 1, ultrasonic flowmeter and the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter. But in choosing the electromagnetic flow timing to consider excluding or more air bubbles in the liquid. Second, oil, diesel oil and other oil medium, should choose the flow meter of varieties are: ultrasonic flowmeter. Three, mortar, even big concentration, content of solid particles, such as medium, should choose the flow meter of varieties are: electromagnetic flowmeter. Four, water flow medium, should choose the flow meter of varieties are: suitable selection for the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter. Other such as vortex flowmeter, orifice flow meter can also. Five, the gas medium, should choose the flowmeter varieties are: 1, the ultrasonic gas flowmeter. 2, the vortex flowmeter. Such as gas temperature over 300 ℃, optional air pressure meter. Liquid medium with more bubbles, should choose the flow meter of varieties are: ultrasonic flowmeter, using this type of meter measuring with bubble fluid, effect is very good. Seven, low conductivity of media such as pure water, in addition to salt water, should choose the flow meter of varieties are: ultrasonic flow meter is very suitable for measuring the fluid. Eight, strong corrosive medium, such as acid, alkali, should choose the flow meter of varieties are: 1, acid and alkali resistant lining of electromagnetic flowmeter. 2, outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter. Then should also focus on measuring the other requirements and restrictions, the following categories listed here is contracted, everyone can serve as a reference: one way: if your water temperature below 80 degrees, is not pure water ( Non-conductive) , if is sewage sludge is not a lot of won't deposit inside the pipeline. * * * * electromagnetic flowmeter, mature technology, strong anti-interference, maintenance, and a reasonable price in the flowmeter. Precision in 0. 5 ~ 1. 0% solution 2: if you are not conductive liquid, to see your velocity of vortex street flowmeter, low velocity of his uncertainty, and if the wastewater can't measure, accuracy is not people said that high above, could hit 1% accuracy please, if the industry is 1: please don't cheat people, and he will hang himself more than injustice, 2: if we don't know to learn to plan 3: if it weren't for sewage, and the pipe diameter less than 100 mm: glass rotor flowmeter ( Flow meter) Affordable, a few hundred dollars, but can only see the instantaneous flow rate; Turbine flowmeter, precision is moderate, is a wheel in turn, may use one or two years time, you want to change the faster the velocity change about short time interval, because there will be wear and tear; Or other high precision gear flow meter, water meter similar, but the price is high, slightly cheaper than electromagnetic flowmeter, large diameter may be expensive. One way, if you can meet it choose the medium of it, that's right. Scheme 2, generally is diameter big is not conductive medium, and the velocity to consider using soon, I think it is better to use V cone, the powerful, afraid of vibration, susceptible to interference, general strongly recommend this product to you, in addition to don't understand, is they don't have other products. Many factory can do vortex street, but the quality or imported. 3 it is to have a price advantage, especially in measuring oil body above, because not conductive electromagnetic can't use, he has an advantage, disadvantage is wear is bigger than the electromagnetic maintenance point. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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