How to found by measuring the electrode contact resistance problems of electromagnetic flow meter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-29
As a kind of pipe flow measurement has been widely used in instrumentation products, electromagnetic flowmeter in many industries such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection has played an important role. Electromagnetic flowmeter is a high precision, high reliability and long service life of flow meter, so in the design of product structure, material selection, process, production assembly and the factory testing of every link in the process of we are all very careful exquisite. Every kind of instrument equipment fails, the electromagnetic flowmeter is not exceptional also, such as one of the more common electromagnetic flowmeter signal cable interference measurement signal cable from electrostatic induction and electromagnetic induction interference can make the electromagnetic flowmeter zero change. To determine whether changes in zero due to the effect of electric potential signal cable interference, to determine the influence degree of the interference range and the electromagnetic flowmeter. Although the electromagnetic flowmeter is its measuring range than spake, than the vortex street flowmeter and the differential pressure type flowmeter are higher, but it is also limited, many customers set the table, often compare it and the water meter, thought that can measure very low velocity of flow, in general, it can only measure 0. 1m/s. Less than that are difficult to correctly measure the velocity of electromagnetic flowmeter. So early order to flow range than to clear. When buying is confirmed after the selection cannot be identified according to the original pipe size, good is according to your actual flow to set the instrument measured pipe diameter. Electromagnetic flowmeter has mature production technology, product quality is quite good many manufacturers at home and abroad, as a kind of very good electromagnetic flowmeter flow meter products, many enterprises in the measurement of liquid medium has a choice, so as an instrument is engaged in the personnel friends necessary product performance and technical parameters, we mastered the related knowledge will for proper operation instrument equipment in the production of later there will be a great help. Electromagnetic flowmeter problem found by measuring the electrode contact resistance: electrode is the core parts of the meter is used to measure the signals produced by liquid medium, the electrode contact resistance measuring electrode spoon liquid contact resistance, can be not discharged from the pipe flow sensor and indirect estimation juice electrode and the lining layer surface general situation, help to analysis the cause of the problem. Electrode polarization voltage measurement of polarization voltage between electrodes and the liquid will help to judge whether the fault of the unstable zero or output shaking caused by electrode is covered by pollution or. With 2 v dc digital multimeter, respectively measure the polarization between the two electrodes and ground voltage ( Electromagnetic flowmeter can not power, power measurement) 。 If two measured values closer to nearly equal, the electrode not contaminated or overwritten, electrode contaminated or otherwise be overwritten. Polarization voltage size depends on the electrode materials & quot; Electrode potential & quot; And the properties of the liquid measurements may be between a few mV to a few hundred mV. Because, in fact, in the operation of the two electrodes contamination situation can't be exactly the same symmetry, then the voltage on the electrode formed asymmetric common-mode voltage. Asymmetry of the common-mode voltage becomes differential mode signal, zero offset. Only grasp the knowledge, can we do for the instrument to find the cause of the problem. Here we again for you about how to found the instrument by measuring the dislocated ground potential problems, such as sensors electricity (near Force) Machine status changes ( Such as leakage) , grounding potential changes caused by zero change. Check whether have the influence, the converter can be work terminal short circuit, grounding C terminal and protection of G to zero ( Or instruction value) Changes in judgment for ground potential. Pipeline stray current flow to the discriminant sometimes for pipelines stray interference sources in the flow sensor also in downstream, upstream to narrow your search, try to reduce or eliminate stray current interference effects. Electromagnetic flowmeter while reliability is better, in general will not damage, but because of its principle, the sensor electrode has been contact with the liquid surface, the time is long, easy to contaminated electrode surface. So the electromagnetic flowmeter in general, customers are conditions under the condition of open, suggest a year to once a year and a half off cleaning between electrodes to ensure flowmeter measurement precision of the machine. Any instrument is need & other; Maintenance & throughout; Electromagnetic flowmeter is no exception. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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