Field instrument power supply recovery and start-stop operation guide

by:Kaidi Sensors     2021-01-12
Instrument of power supply and start-stop should be every instrument practitioners should grasp the content, so, what instrument power supply and stop what all does that include? What need to pay attention to? The following by the instrument and meter plant to introduce for everybody; Instrument and system power supply recovery instrument and power supply system in addition to the normal power, power is often random, the power of large area power substation tripping, lightning outage; Local or single meter and electricity out fuse natural aging fusing, insurance is most caused by short circuit, grounding fault. Whatever the reason caused power outages, in order to ensure the production should be restored in a timely manner. So, one might say to restore power is not to press the reset button, switch panel board? To restore power operation is very simple, but immediately switch position can be found, is not so simple. Immediately find switch position completely on your casual observation and memory. Therefore, we suggest that must remember the installation position of the power supply switch, that although there is no technical content, but it is very important. First of all, remember that the instrument which is the total power of electric transformer room. Switch is installed in the transformer room number on the screen, is there any sign, Suggestions down in a notebook. Also remember the instrument power box location and the instrument power supply switch, you might say there are signs also used to remember? Remember. If sign words fuzzy, the sign is not, after the electricity can also check, but remove the instrument to repair, the switch got the wrong it's not safe. Instrument in a notebook, therefore, the location of the various power supply switch, is good for work. There are dual power supply switch, this perhaps is the automatic operation, but remember that no harm. Commonly encountered problems are: the insurance fuse broken instrument, or Fried insurance after replacement, has a short circuit, grounding fault. Advice: 1) Can be removed, the instrument of the power supply cord first remove the thread encase with insulating tape, and then sending; ( 2) If or Fried insurance, that means there is something wrong with the power supply circuit, focusing on power lines; ( 3) If the insurance fuse unceasingly, the instrument internal short circuit fault; Instrument under the start-stop of pressure, differential pressure transmitter, for example. Need to check the zero pressure, differential pressure transmitter, the transmitter emission will involve the transmitter start-stop on a regular basis. Therefore, the correct start-up pressure, differential pressure transmitter is one of the need to master the skills. Are presented as follows: 1 on the installation of pressure transmitter stoppage and powerstation on-site installation of pressure transmitter and the spring pressure gauge installation is basically the same, that is only a sampling valve, and a drain valve. Shutdown method: shut down the sampling valve closing the pressure transmitter, slowly open the discharge valve, the measured pressure can be unloaded. There is no discharge valve, can only through the nipple which is slowly unscrew the pressure transmitter to unloading pressure, be careful when operating medium pressure cuts. Operation method: only when the operation of open pressure transmitter sampling valve can be. 2 put far and far led suspended installation of pressure transmitter led installation of pressure transmitter has at least three and guide tube connected with a valve, the sampling valve used for sampling and cutting process medium; Drain valve used for flushing pressure guide tube, elimination of condensate liquid or gas pipe; Guide pressure pipe and the pressure transmitter connected with stop valve has become secondary valve. Service method: offline secondary valve closing the pressure transmitter, again through the drainage on the measuring chamber pressure transmitter, exhaust valve or pressure pipe drain valve pressure unloading. Should also put the sampling valve closed when necessary. A spacer transmitter is unable to open the drain valve at random to unloading pressure. Operation method: used for general measurement medium when open the valve of secondary transmitter was put into operation. But has the emptying of the steam pipe pressure measurement, turn off the secondary valve and drain valve and open another sampling valve, and then open the drain valve flushing pressure guide tube, close the drain valve, such as more than half an hour, make pressing of arteries and guide tube vasodilated full steam condensate secondary valve to open. Become loose and use the apparatus measuring room exhaust valve, air. 3 differential pressure transmitter shut down and put into operation at least five valve differential pressure transmitter and its connected, two sampling valve used for sampling and cutting process medium; Two drain valve used to flush the guide tube, or exclusion of condensate liquid or gas pipe; And connecting the guide pipe with the transmitter is used three valve or five valve group, mostly is suspended and differential pressure transmitter was put into the operation of the three valve group. Shutdown method: differential pressure transmitter is offline, pass three steps valve group is: first in the negative pressure valve; To open the balanced valve; The positive pressure valve closed. Transmitter is shut down for a long time, a valve, three valve group's positive and negative pressure valve shall be closed, balancing valve is opened, the pressure on both sides of the measuring chamber to ensure that the transmitter is equal, in a state of balance. Operation method: when the differential pressure transmitter was put into operation, three steps are: valve group start with positive pressure valve; And in the balancing valve; The suction valve open. Katie instrument equipment factory summary: start-stop steam flow, with isolator transducer, using balance container liquid level transmitter, switch cannot appear when three valve group of positive pressure, negative pressure valve and balance valve are opened at the same time, for even a short period of time to open the may balance the condensed water in the container, the spacer fluid loss in the isolator, cause the meter says value is not correct, serious when can't even put the transmitter. When it is necessary to using the drainage on the transmitter measuring room, exhaust valve, eliminate the air or condensed water.
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