Briefly float level gauge application scope and work instructions

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-20
Float liquid level gauge for scene: UFZ float level gauge to make a simple liquid level measuring instrument, is one of the medium level in atmospheric tank direct reading instrument, simple structure, visual direct and convenient installation and maintenance, etc; Main purpose and scope of application: applicable to petrochemical industry system in the corrosive medium of atmospheric storage tank, tank, oil fields, oil depot and other flat cone cover or arched container and general enterprise, civil building towers ( Water tank) The price is low level measurement, in order to solve the difficulty of the artificial measurement of liquid level. Float liquid level gauge structure and principle, structure characteristics and working principle of the UFZ - Type 2 float type level gauge is designed according to the principle of force balance, its working principle as shown in figure 1. Set the weight of the float for W, float to F of buoyancy, a pointer to the weight of the heavy hammer G, the friction force of the whole system for F, when float float in a certain position in the liquid, the force to equilibrium state, W - both F - G± f=0。 When the liquid level changes, cause the change of float position, move through the wire rope drive pointer heavy hammer, the liquid level is shown on the scale ruler of corresponding position, achieve the goal of level measurement. Float liquid level gauge work description: : float level gauge is liquid level meter in the working principle and design for a product of a simple structure, also is a kind of liquid level meter has long history. Float liquid level gauge because of its simple principle and structure, it is the result of measurement accuracy is relatively low, but with low price or in some of the requirements for accuracy is not high in the workplace have more applications. Design principle of float liquid level gauge is the force balance principle in mechanics, the buoyancy provided by the gravity of the buoy and the liquid level, and the balance between the weight of the heavy hammer needle, to realize the liquid level height measurement and instructions. Float liquid level meter in the measurement is also affected by the friction between the internal components. Float liquid level gauge measuring the liquid medium page rises, float by buoyancy F will increase, while the weight of the buoy W, the weight of the heavy hammer needle W1 friction force F are the same, and the system of force balance is broken, heavy hammer needle will decline in reducing buoy buoyancy of F, until to form a new equilibrium, such a heavy hammer the position of the needle can not only show the level value. Float liquid level gauge of floating buoy at a particular level of weight W, when the liquid medium for buoy the buoyancy provided for F, float level gauge of heavy hammer pin for W1, float level gauge the friction between the parts for F, so that W should be with F, W1, equal to the sum of F, forming force balance. Float liquid level gauge product features: float level gauge with its simple structure and low price, in some low accuracy measurement occasions you have more applications, such as petroleum and petrochemical system of oil tank, oil tank, and measurement of oil depots, and civil construction of the water tower or water tank level measurement, etc. Float liquid level gauge has certain corrosion protection function, can also be used in some low corrosive liquid medium measurement. Float liquid level gauge product details, please click: & gt; > > > >
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