Two wire pressure transmitter with single-chip computer connection

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-27
4 - 20 ma two wire pressure transmitter connection with single-chip analog channel? General industrial pressure transmitter USES a two wire 4-24 v DC 20 ma output is designed, and MCU is 5 v DC design, thus the signal conversion circuit to use. Method one: first of all to 24 v power step-down to 5 v to MCU power supply, + 24 v is end connected to the transmitter, the transmitter negative between the client and to a 250 ohm resistor in parallel, it is best to use high precision standard resistance the resistance, is the role of the resistor in parallel - 4 1 to 20 ma transformation 5 v voltage, and then input to the microcontroller analog channel, so you can test, this is the most basic circuit. Connection as shown in the figure below
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