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The sewage flow meter to the integrated system of sewage monitoring measurement

by:KAIDI     2021-02-21
Solve the industrial chain in recent years, sewage into the rapid growth. Industrial waste water company will centralized sewage wastewater to the wastewater treatment station to carry out the centralized. On the basis of wastewater emissions fee sewage treatment company. And traditional industrial wastewater quantity is the key by artificial service for sewage flow meter in charge on the spot, but this kind of look way because of the relatively decentralized sewage treatment company time-consuming, and design a set of centralized monitoring system in the industrial waste water company software can turn according to the sewage flow meter inspection after 485 received the first-class machinery and equipment of a computer to carry out the real-time display information. According to the video monitoring system of industrial waste water sewage treatment company collection instant total flow, water flow, click statistics on the spot, such as the centralized sent to sewage treatment station monitoring system, and according to the monitoring and control system for real-time control of industrial wastewater on the spot. The operating system part points the main CPU and part from the CPU. The main CPU part key keep giving: ( 1) Centrifugal pump valve control: electricity after calibration, the system software in the absence of a computer keyboard operation, according to the SPI communication monitoring system of centrifugal pump and gate valve control situation, properly shut or open. ( 2) Shut off the power inspection: the regularity of the test system software outside switch power is power, if off electricity, turn off the power supply to avoid artificial factors and discharges waste water, immediately shut off gate and centrifugal pumps. To avoid short-term trip off the power, turn the power off when the system software to carry out the katyn. ( 3) Measure the total current displacement is beyond the allowable displacement, if beyond, according to the set can turn off valve in advance and centrifugal pumps, you can also send alarm information to the monitoring system. ( 4) Real-time data display: no probability against actual operation at that time, the LCD display information real-time water flow, water flow and other metrological verification statistics software often intervention of machinery, equipment and its system. Instant, simple and clear, convenient query. ( 5) Local authorized actual operation: to prevent the emergence of the network problem, drainage pipeline company chongzhi IC card will be inserted after local monitor terminal equipment, not only to allow the amount of displacement or prepaid local storage, at the same time, in a special condition can according to the IC card authorized to carry out the system software, control valve and the operation of centrifugal pumps. Choose not let grid system software of IC card literacy control module, control module according to send the card after the inspection to the credit card account instructions sent to the server, the server after received this instruction must be uploaded within 400 ms card read instructions, written instructions, add and subtract values of instructions in the optional one, if the control module within 400 ms did not take into the instructions described in the first order, the control module will automatic turn off the card, and carry out the next card test. If within 400 ms in which received instructions described in the first command, control module will be in accordance with the instructions to accept to carry out the solution, and if two root instruction does not exceed 400 ms, instruction can continue to upload. More than 400 ms control module will automatic turn off the card and carry out the next card test. Turn off the card after uploading the card read and write operations will not be successful. Key keep giving: (from the CPU part 1) Sewage flow meter data collection: according to the system bus 485, collected water company of one or several drainage point of traffic statistics. Consider a commodity quality and application of the actual effect of the standard is to see the reliability of the products, excellent reliability can let could improve its products and reduce the emergence of common failures. Precipitation temperature in lightning protection work to improve the quality of flowmeter and the technical line of sludge removal, suffering from lightning electromagnetic flowmeter is very easy to damage, caused in the running deviation or not operation, precipitation temperature very easy to cause the sludge sink, in order to ensure the reliability of electromagnetic flowmeter, people do a good job in lightning protection countermeasures, pollution control work. Have certain manufacturing industries require long-term application of wastewater electromagnetic flowmeter, and the application of electromagnetic flowmeter is constantly, it is the role of electromagnetic flowmeter rules better. Customers in the application of waste water in the whole process of electromagnetic flowmeter, when the first, the data signal intrusion problem of flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter itself is no problem, it will show the data signal intrusion is usually caused by a choke a pipeline. To solve electromagnetic flowmeter choke pipeline to be invaded, people must understand its application in the application of electromagnetic flow meter before business scale and flow meter application of the natural environment. In order to prevent electromagnetic flowmeter in the application by vibration, good electromagnetic flow meter installed in a long line. In general, the length is a technical line length of 15 to 50 times. But suffer the reality at home, if you want to reach the length is according to hard. Solve the waste water pipe electromagnetic flowmeter choke a intrusion mode electromagnetic flowmeter has a lower limit on measuring scale of operation of its lower limit of the total flow associated with the output line is inevitable. Application of electromagnetic flowmeter period of time, people also pay attention to the line to produced around the differential value, pay attention to the differential pressure value is directly proportional to total flow, to ensure the normal application of electromagnetic flowmeter. In the application of electromagnetic flowmeter in the whole process, in order to reasonably prevent electromagnetic flowmeter show data signals intrusion, people are bound to the flowmeter is a general understanding of the pipeline, do a good job in sufficient search session later application of electromagnetic flow meter, that can improve its application effect.
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