Temperature, pressure compensation technology in the application of metal tube float flowmeter measurement

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-19
One, the introduction metal tube flow meter ( Hereinafter referred to as the meter) Also called variable area flowmeter or constant pressure flowmeter, based on fluid flow throttling principle of a kind of flow measurement instrumentation. With measured a variety of media flow, especially suitable for low Reynolds number on the measurement of small diameter of primary and secondary flow; Small pressure loss and stable; Very responsive, with wider range, 10:1) , clear, the value for the approximate linear scale; Structure is simple, cheap, convenient in operation and maintenance; By choosing different measuring pipe material and parts, but also can measure the corrosive medium flow rate, etc. Based on the above characteristics, the flowmeter is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, brewing, in the field of environmental protection, power flow control and measurement system. Metal tube flow meter according to users with the design of the operating conditions ( Such as operating temperature, operating pressure, operating density, etc. ) For water or gas flow conversion, calibration, when the working parameters and design parameters of the same or deviating from the very hours before accurate measurement. But the working condition of field application in medium parameters tend to deviate from the design parameter is larger, measurement accuracy of the meter caused a serious decline, especially in gas medium, because of its operation are greatly influenced by pressure, temperature, density meter measurement accuracy decline is particularly serious. To solve this problem, general procurement, processing instrument measures, increase the cost and affect the normal production car. Therefore, how to provide a kind of metal tube float flowmeter, adapt to the process parameters under the condition of deviating from the design parameters, ensure that the application does not cause the loss of instrument measurement accuracy, is technical personnel in this field at present need urgently to solve technical problems. Temperature of metal tube float flowmeter pressure compensation technology application temperature compensation algorithm, for instrument collected traffic signal, temperature signal, pressure signal calculation of temperature and pressure compensation comprehensive implement accurate measurement, largely solved the above problem. One, the working principle of the working principle of the flowmeter is shown in figure 1: vertical flow meter installed on the pipeline, the flow from bottom to top through the cone tube, float in the P1 and P2 differential pressure under the action of up or down, when the float the differential pressure ( P2-P1) And float gravity, buoyancy and viscous force F G force balance, in a state of balance. Equation is established and the derivation, May refer to relevant data, * * is omitted) , ignore the viscous force influence, assumes that the discharge coefficient is constant, can float displacement and flow into a linear relationship. Flow equation of the flow meter: figure 1 tube flow meter work principle graph 2, temperature, pressure compensation algorithm flow meter in the measurement of gas medium, when the gas temperature and pressure is not stable, measured working condition of gas density change due to large flow indicator error increases, should carry on the temperature and pressure compensation calculation, at this time restore instrument measuring accuracy. 1 working volume flow: three temperature and pressure compensation technology by temperature compensation algorithm is derived, the measured gas medium when actual working state changes ( The pressure P and temperature T deviate from the design) Through the acquisition of gas medium pressure and temperature signal, through formula ( 5) 、( 6) 、( 7) 、( 8) Calculation, the temperature can be realized in figure 2 split type structure diagram of the pressure temperature pressure compensation type flowmeter online real-time compensation calculation, get the exact traffic signal, this is the temperature of metal tube float flowmeter pressure compensation technology. 1 fission type structure of flow meter, temperature transmitter, pressure transmitter installed separately, traffic signal, temperature signal, pressure signal input respectively DCS or control calculator for flow calculation of temperature and pressure compensation, complete according to the parameters of flow, pressure, temperature, output, printing, etc. The installation of flexible structure, especially suitable for field upgrade of flowmeter, as shown in figure 2. Number, temperature signal, pressure signal input to the flowmeter converter of temperature, pressure compensation function design, the calculation of flow temperature and pressure compensation completed according to the parameters of flow, pressure, temperature, output, printing, etc. This kind of structure measurement with high accuracy, small volume, convenient installation, as shown in figure 3, figure 3 one-piece structure schematic 1 temperature pressure compensation type flowmeter, metal tube flow meter of 2, 3 temperature sensors, pressure sensors, metal flow meter by sensors, Including flange, measuring tube, guide, float, or orifice plate, guide cone tube, connecting bracket, connecting bolts, etc. ) Temperature and pressure compensation type indicator and its internal components, etc. Five, the conclusion of metal tube float flowmeter development, application of temperature, pressure compensation technology, to realize the on-line real-time temperature and pressure compensation calculation, improves the measurement accuracy of flowmeter, reduce the user's drive, the maintenance costs. With the development of microelectronics technology, temperature, pressure sensor structure miniaturization, one-piece temperature pressure compensation type flowmeter must become metal pipe flow meter temperature pressure compensation technology development trend. In pay more and more attention to energy saving, accurate measurement control of social environment, temperature, pressure compensation technology will be widely used.
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