Pressure transmitter power supply way of how to choose

by:KAIDI     2021-02-08
Pressure transmitter power supply way of how to choose the pressure transmitter power supply method how to select the following Katie said to you about. Pressure transmitter instrument need power supply, energy supply methods is an important problem in the instrumentation. Now instrument is roughly there are two power supply methods: ac power supply and dc power supply. ( 1) Ac power supply. In each instrument were introduced 220 v ac voltage, power frequency transformer step-down again, then rectifier, filter and regulated as the respective power supply, instrument before use this way of power supply in the system. The disadvantage is that: this way of power supply need to be in each additional power transformer, rectifier and the voltage regulator circuit in the table, thus increasing the volume and weight of the instrument; The rise of temperature of the heat increased instrument transformer; 220 v ac direct introduction of instrument, reduces the safety of the instrument. ( 2) Dc centralized power supply. Dc centralized power supply each instrument is unified by the dc low voltage power source box. 220 v ac power frequency voltage in power box transformer, rectifier, filter, and in the instrument after the voltage supply power supply. The advantages of centralized power supply on: (1) each table saves power transformer, rectifier and zener, to narrow the volume of the instrument, to reduce the weight of the instrument, and reduces the heating components, reduce the temperature rise of the instrument; (2) because in dc low voltage power supply, can adopt measures to prevent power outages, so when industrial use 220 v ac power outages, can directly input dc low voltage ( Such as 24 v) Standby power, which constitute no power device; (3) there is no industrial use 220 v alternating current (ac) into the instrument, explosion-proof provides favorable conditions for instrument
level gauge are all following the most compatible manufacturing regulations.
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