Pressure transmitter daily maintenance of 14 points

by:KAIDI     2021-02-09
Pressure transmitter 14 attention daily maintenance & hellip; … Pressure sensors use process should pay attention to consider the following situations: 1, do not use the above 36 v voltage transducer, easy to cause damage. 2, do not use hard objects touch diaphragm in the transmitter, can damage the diaphragm. 3, can't freeze measured medium, otherwise the sensor element isolation diaphragm is easy to damage, resulting in destruction transmitter. 4, when measuring steam or other high temperature medium, its temperature should not exceed when using the limit of the temperature in the transmitter, otherwise you must use the radiator. 5, when measuring steam or other high temperature medium, to make the transmitter and the pipe together, radiator pipe should be used, and use the line pressure to the transformer. When the measured medium is water vapor, in the radiator pipe to inject the right amount of water, in case of direct contact with the transducer of superheated steam, causing damage to the sensor. 6, in the process of pressure transmission, should be paid attention to: transmitter and radiator pipe joints do not leak; Be careful when you open the valve, in order to avoid direct impact, damage to the sensor diaphragm measured medium; Must keep clear of piping, avoid pipe sediment in the pop-up and damage the sensor diaphragm. Pressure transmitter manufacturers general quality assurance for a year, some quality assurance for two years, but no manufacturer will often go to maintain pressure transmitter for you, so we still need to know: 1, to prevent the dross in intraductal deposition and transmitter and corrosive medium contact or overheating. 2, measuring gas pressure, the pressure mouth should be open at the top of the process piping, and the upper transmitter should be installed in the process, so that the accumulated liquid injection process pipeline easily. 3, measuring the liquid pressure, pressure should be opened in the side of the process piping, to avoid deposit product residue. 4. Guide pipe setting where the temperature changes little, please. 5. When measuring the liquid pressure, the transmitter installation location should avoid the impact of the liquid ( Water hammer) In order to avoid damage due to overpressure in the transmitter. 6, when it freezes in winter, outdoor setting launcher anti-freezing measures must be taken. Must avoid pressure inside the liquid due to freezing volume expansion, leading to loss of the emitter. 7. Wiring cable, the cable through the waterproof connector and spiral pipe, tighten packing nut, prevent the rain and so on through the cable leakage to the transmitter inside the shell. 8, measuring steam or other high temperature medium, please connect the buffer tube ( Coil) Such as condenser, avoid generator working temperature is more than the limit.
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