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Pressure transmitter and so on field instrument installation requirements

by:KAIDI     2021-02-07
1 meter connector ( Nozzle) Position shall be determined according to the following requirements: 1, the instrument connection head ( Nozzle) Should be located in a beam on the stability of straight pipe, unfavorable in pipe bending or flow spiral shaped beam. 2, in horizontal and inclined pipe, instrument connection head ( Nozzle) Should not be located in the bottom of the pipe. 3, tower and instrument connection head (on the container Nozzle) Should be located in the gas phase. 2 pressure measuring instrument installation requirements are as follows: 1, pressure gauges should be close to the instrument connection head ( Nozzle) The installation. Such as pressure gauge installation location away from the instrument connection head ( Nozzle) Far away, in addition to taking source valve should also be at the pressure gauge plus a shut-off valve, and to support them. 2, such as medium temperature higher than 600 c, you should shut off the valve in the pressure gauge and add condensing coil (between 虹吸) 。 3, measuring pulse pressure should install dampers. 4, the measurement of high viscosity, corrosive or freezing point higher than the ambient temperature of medium, isolation, heat tracing or counter blowing should be taken measures. 5, dust, solid particle measurement of gas pressure, appropriate USES counter blowing or isolation measures. 6, pressure transmitter should be installed in the instrument connection head ( Nozzle) Below the line, but in the following situations of place in a meter connector ( Nozzle) Above: a) Measuring pressure lower wet gas or condensate gas; b) When measuring the vacuum; c) Reverse blowing method is used to measure the gas pressure containing solid particles. 7, measuring wet gas or condensate gas pressure, the pressure transmitter can only be installed in instrument connection head ( Nozzle) Below, measures should be taken to eliminate the pressure tube condensate's influence on the measurement. 8, measuring pulse, corrosion, mud, nonpolar medium pressure of pressure gauge pressure pipe shall have the discharge valve. 9, measuring the pressure of high pressure gauge pressure pipeline pressure drain valve.
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