Positive transfer and negative transfer of pressure transmitter

by:KAIDI     2021-02-16
Transmitter migration refers to changing the measuring range of transmitter ( The range between the upper and lower limits) , without changing the star cheng ( The range between the upper and lower limits) 。 When measuring range change is positive (after migration Or large) Direction, often referred to as positive deviation, and is called a negative deviation. For example: $100 range, range of 0 - 100 of the transmitter. After 100% positive transfer, measurement range to 100, from 100 to 200; After 100% negative transfer, measurement range to 100, from - 100 to 0. Pressure transmitter factory engineer said the transmitter is to eliminate the purpose of the positive and negative transfer transmitter use bring additional error of the measurement system. 1, through the transmitter is passed to improve measurement precision and sensitivity, improve the quality of the regulating system, 2. Negative transfer via the transmitter into negative pressure zone scope of work, extend the transmitter function 3, due to the balance of transmitter installation height, static pressure transducer measurement after migration limit should not be greater than the range of the absolute value of code measurement limit. ( Such as: range code shall be not less than 4 - 37. 4 kpa) Under atmospheric pressure, atmospheric pressure shall not be more than one project, illustrate the positive transfer of the transmitter: such as the range of 0 - transmitter 25 kpa transmitter is migration into 5 - 30 kpa, the calibration steps are as follows: 1, the transducer calibration in the range 0 25 kpa2, in adding 5 kpa pressure transmitter high side, and then adjust the transducer zero until the output is 4 ma. Note: cannot adjust transmitter range. Illustrate the negative transfer of the transmitter: the range of 0 - such as transmitter Negative transfer of 25 kpa transmitter to 30 KP ~ - 5 kpa, the calibration steps are as follows: 1, the transducer calibration in the range 0 25 kpa2, low voltage side of the 30 kpa pressure to the transducer ( Adjust the zero point of output 4 ma for 30 KP, pressure disappear for - 30 kpa) And then adjust the zero point of transmitter, until the output 4 ma. Note: the transmitter range can't adjust. Pressure transmitter manufacturers engineer last mentioned: if the pressure transmitter installed in a much lower than the measurement position, medium pressure diversion tube formation of the liquid column always inspire transmitter, the transmitter measurements to measure value added liquid column. At this point, the transmitter will be positive transfer, and the measurement of the initial value is equal to the value of the liquid column F this can eliminate the impact. But when a cop gauge pressure transmitter, if there are liquid column in the suction side drain, it always give a pressure in the transmitter, the transmitter measured results become the measured value of the liquid column. At this point, the transmitter of the negative transfer will be executed, the measurement of the initial value, such as F liquid column value, can eliminate the impact.
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