Natural gas pipeline flow meter in measuring chosen type and its advantages and disadvantages

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-06
As the energy conservation and emissions reduction continues to advance, China's domestic energy structure has the very big adjustment, we noticed that before capacity huge coal production capacity in the sharp decline in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region, continuously expand domestic demand for natural gas market. The demand for natural gas flow measurement instrumentation products began to thrive. At present, the gas meter much choose orifice meter, gas turbine flowmeter and ultrasonic flowmeter, the mainstream of the long-distance pipeline gas meters in the ultrasonic flowmeter and the orifice flowmeter, turbine flowmeter. Definitely feel on the market in recent years, our company have higher demand for natural gas measuring instrument, for different user needs, we provide users with the diversity of solution, such as for their large amount and long distance pipeline, gas branch at the end of the gas station to choose the supplier unit meter diameter is 300 differential pressure type ( Orifice plate) Flow meter. Orifice meter, of course, there are also wear, but it has poor accuracy range than the small, the pressure loss is big, straight pipe flow meter before and after the long, covers an area of big, increase in the number of components make the maintenance more links involved in the testing and other shortcomings. So for other types of user, we recommend it can properly use other types of flow meters. In recent years, because of microelectronics, the progress of digital technology, the development of ultrasonic flowmeter was unusually fast. From the point of development trend, because of the ultrasonic flowmeter with high precision, stable and reliable performance, range than the big, no detection in the pipeline, maintenance the characteristics such as small, in engineering application and trade transition, thus greatly to replace traditional the trend of the flow meter. In addition, ultrasonic flowmeter measurement accuracy affected by the measurement of body temperature, the effects of parameters such as pressure, viscosity, density is small, so the performance of the ultrasonic flowmeter is far higher than that of orifice flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter are gradually replaced the orifice meter as ideal gas trade transfer products. Although ultrasonic flowmeter has many advantages, but because of the ultrasonic flowmeter measurement principle for the propagation time difference method, when the ultrasonic flow meter diameter change hours of its acoustic propagation path is short, propagation time also shorter accordingly, propagation time difference would be difficult to get accurate measurement, the small diameter range ratio and accuracy of the ultrasonic flowmeter can fall. Gas turbine flowmeter in all flowmeter is a high precise flowmeter, at present are used widely in the field of domestic natural gas measurement. Is characterized by high accuracy, no zero drift, good anti-jamming ability, wide range comparison, the straight pipe is shorter, cover an area of an area small. But gas turbine flowmeter for high cleanliness requirements of the measured medium, as a result of the turbine meter impeller damage easily, so general requirements before the meter installed filters, and also has a high requirement on operation, the maintenance quantity of turbine flowmeter. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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