Help you analyze magnetic flap liquidometer fault maintenance

by:KAIDI     2021-01-22
Along with the people understanding of magnetic level gauge turning more and more comprehensive, magnetic level gauge is becoming more and more widely in industrial applications of turning, Katie below small make up to analyze the magnetic fault maintenance level gauge turning points. Rotary vane vacuum pump is made of black metal and alloy, the precision equipment. Vacuum pump of the main working parts in the special vacuum pump oil. The characteristics of the rotary vane vacuum pump: 1. Air inlet check valve, when the pump stop, the check valve can isolation pumps in the system, to avoid vacuum oil flow. 2. Design precision. Solid structure. Light weight. Easy to install and maintain. 3. In the vacuum degree 0. 5 mbar to 40 mbar entering the pump inlet of water vapor, will be fully discharge from pumping air outlet, without condensation occur within the pump. 4. Value of resultant driver, can avoid turning belt and gear slack or loss. 5. Low vibration, don't need a magnetic flap based on the level of main function is to industry in the field of large container for real-time measuring the liquid level of high and low, it is widely used in dyeing and finishing equipment, wastewater treatment, chemical equipment, hot oil boiler and electric power, petrochemical industry, etc. If you still want to know more about the magnetic flap liquidometer details can call advisory!
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