Digital display temperature transmitter products unique properties

by:KAIDI     2021-01-18
Digital display products unique properties selected resistor resistance temperature transmitter should be close to a nominal value of the value of the application circuit, should first choose standard series resistor. General circuit using permissible error for the resistor & plusmn; 5%~± 10%. Precision instruments and special circuit for use in a resistor, should choose precision resistor. My company's main products are: temperature instruments, pressure instruments, card sets of joints, ball valves, card sets of needle valve, air distributor, stainless steel check valve, etc. , are widely used in machinery, electronics, electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, transportation, light industry, and aerospace, Marine, textile, building materials industries. Products pass rate reached 100%, favored by the majority of customers, best-selling throughout the country, most products sold with supporting enterprises, South Korea, Japan, and the area, has been widely praised. Company also may according to the special requirements of different users on the tube valve parts, carries on, to meet and produce other tube valve parts. Products timely delivery, reasonable price, quality assurance, and wholeheartedly for the user to provide a good pre-sale and after-sales service. Main function is to block current flow, applied to the current limit, shunt, step-down, partial pressure, load and filter capacitor with cooperation and impedance matching, etc. The resistivity is used to represent various material resistance characteristic quantities. A substance made from the original ( Room temperature 20 & deg; C) The resistance and the product of the cross-sectional area and length of the ratio of the resistivity called this kind of material. Resistivity and the length of the conductor, cross-sectional area and other factors, is the electrical properties of conductor material itself, is determined by the conductor material, and related to external factors such as temperature, pressure, magnetic field. In addition, also note that people don't touch or contact resistance pens and metal parts. Otherwise it will cause the test error. We will always take the product quality as life, powered by scientific and technological progress, sets up the enterprise image and product reputation, the pursuit of customer's meticulous care, relying on their own efforts and everybody's care and support, the future will be better service for the construction. Here, for many years, as always, give us concern, support and help of friends, express my heartfelt thanks to you. Hope to work together with you, and strive to innovation, keep improving, vigorously develop the market. Sincere friends, domestic and foreign businessmen to develop friendship with you and establish a long-term business partnership. Warmly welcome customers to visit, calls business negotiations, to ensure our common brilliant! Digital display temperature transmitter type high-energy products unique performance: refers to absorb the generator excitation coil, and other large lifting electromagnet coil inductance coil in the magnetic energy of pressure-sensitive voltage, for such application, main technical index is energy absorption ability. Carbon film resistor and metal film resistor look from the exterior of the difference: there are five color ring (metal film 1%) And carbon film on the number of the color wheel for the four ( 5%) 。 Metal film to blue, carbon film for yellow or other colors. ( Micro resistance of the national standard is according to the yan don't in the past, metal film resistor with red, carbon film resistor with green. ) But due to the improvement of technology and the emergence of fake gold film, the two methods is not very good, a lot of the time don't open the two kinds of resistance. Company is mainly engaged in features: instrumentation and mechanical and electrical products sales, complete sets of ability. Companies specializing in automation instrument, electrical instrumentation, optics, analysis laboratory instruments, electronic measuring instruments and various kinds of similar imported instruments. To expand business, the regional broker and general agent of many big companies, is a few large enterprises suppliers. Our company is & other; Contracts and keep promise in & throughout; The unit. Because of the quality assurance, reasonable price, prompt delivery, service in place, have long maintained a high reputation between supply and marketing. Annual inspection exemption unit, was in Shanghai will be awarded a total & other; Shanghai red flag Wen Minggang & throughout; The title of honor. In order to adapt to the development of integrated circuit, complanation, the need for resistor will significantly increase; Universal will tend to develop thick film resistor, and precise, it will tend to film the metal film and foil resistors in class; 5, development of resistance network combination; ZX1 type resistor is the basis of the principle of resistance strain design and become, has the function of automatic compensation temperature coefficient of resistance in relatively wide temperature range with low temperature coefficient. The resistance material adopts precise resistance alloy of nickel and chromium series by the precision of rolling metal foil, and resistance to take the plane structure, so it possesses resistance characteristics of the precise, stable and reliable, and good high frequency characteristics, its performance indicators are better than wire wound resistor and metal film resistor. The response speed of shell, but susceptible to interference, the signal accuracy; Emphasis on pre-market after-sales service work. Companies to carry out business activities in the cohesion of cooperation, with particular emphasis on both the supply and the demand to provide pre-sale after-sales service work.
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