Briefly describes the development of intelligent turbine flowmeter and main types of products

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-21
The development of intelligent turbine flowmeter flow measurement can be traced back to ancient water conservancy projects and urban water supply system. The Roman Caesar orifice measurement has been adopted residents drinking water. Around 1000 BC the ancient Egyptian weir method was used to measure the flow of the Nile. Our country famous water level observation in dujiangyan water conservancy engineering application BaoPingKou size and so on. Intelligent turbine flowmeter in the 17th century in the demolition, to lay the theoretical foundation of the differential pressure flowmeter, intelligent turbine flowmeter flow measurement is this milestone. Since then, many types of flow measurement in the 18th and 19th century instrument prototype began to form, such as weir, tracer method, pitot tube, venturi tube, volume, turbine and target flowmeter, etc. Due to the process industry in the 20th century urban public utilities, energy metering, rapidly growing demand for flow measurement, has rapid development, the rapid development of microelectronics technology and computer technology greatly promote upgrading, new type of flowmeter have sprung up. To the market today, boasts hundreds of flowmeter, the use of many thorny problems could be solved. Turbine flowmeter mentioned, we * first reaction is certainly in the flowmeter market now a conqueror of the instrument. But do you really know, why turbine flowmeter can achieve such a status now? The United States as early as 1886 issued * first TUF ( Turbine meter) In 1914, the think TUF flow related to the frequency. * in the United States is first developed in 1938, it is used for fuel flow measurement on board, just until after the second world war because of the jet engine and liquid jet fuel are in urgent need of a high precision, fast response of the flowmeter to make it real industrial applications. Turbine flowmeter is a very important part in measuring instrument categories of products, when used to clean low viscosity liquid flow measurement, in quite a wide range of flow rate, the high measurement precision, good repeatability, this is it for outstanding advantages. In addition, it also has a small volume, light weight, easy to do characteristics such as resistance to high pressure and digital pulse output, thus not only can be done to monitor measuring instrument, and more importantly, the flow measurement system composed of it to allow domestic commercial trade metering error requirement. The axial type ( Ordinary) , impeller shaft center is coincident to the pipe axis, turbine flow sensor's main products. Has a full range of products, DN10 - DN600tjyibiao. cn) 。 Tangential type of impeller shaft perpendicular to the pipe axis, the direction of flow in the plane of the blades about 90 degree of Angle of attack, applicable to small micro flow measurement, also use the plug-in when big runoff measurements of tangential type turbine flowmeter. Mechanical type, the rotation of the impeller directly or via magnetic coupling drive the mechanical structure, instructions, integrating total measurement accuracy is slightly lower than the electrical signal detection sensor, the sensor and display unit is a one-piece. Downhole special, suitable for drilling downhole operation is used, measuring the medium such as mud and flows, sensor restricted volume, resistance to high pressure, high temperature and fluid impact, etc. Since the correction of turbine type and can be used for gas flow measurement, such as natural gas sensor is composed of main, auxiliary double impeller, automatic correction can be made of two impeller rotation speed difference changes in the flow characteristic. Wide viscosity, the potter floating on the rotor structure of pressure balance based on the expansion of the diameter of the cone and the lower cone, increase the viscosity of the wing of compensation and pressure on the blade structure measures, such as the sensor is suitable for high viscosity liquids ( Such as heavy oil, viscosity of SMM / 302) 。 Insert, insert flow sensor by measuring head, insert rod, insert, converter and instrument parts. All in all, according to the structure can be divided into axial turbine flow sensor type turbine flow sensor and tangential turbine flow sensor. The axial turbine flow sensor has been widely applied at present, the tangential turbine flow sensor application is less. But some characteristics of the tangential turbine flow sensor itself is what axial turbine flow sensor does not have, for example: measuring lower limit is lower and higher measuring sensitivity, faster dynamic response. After so much modification, perfect, nearly 120, turbine flowmeter has the status of today. Can adapt to most of the work environment, with abundant species, have very strong function, these are because of history. Now the turbine flowmeter adopted high and new technology research and development all over the world. Truly become the indispensable instrument of production. In this paper, by sorting.
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