Valet pressure transmitter manufacturers engineer to introduce the working principle of the product

by:KAIDI     2021-01-30
Valet pressure transmitter manufacturers engineer to introduce the working principle of the product? Pressure transmitter is happened in the production process automation process detection and control system is the important part of. Is the role of differential pressure transmitter measured process parameters such as pressure is converted into the corresponding electric ( Gas) The same scale signal, then the signal is sent to other unit to complete the above process parameters of automatic detection or automatic control. 1) Inspection and replacement parts which the sensor will be used to test parameters of the process of transformation into electrical signals. Now, receive the spread of silicon and electrostatic capacitive pressure sensor is very important. Measuring pressure p1 and p2 to join around the isolation diaphragm, by silicone oil transfer pressure to measuring diaphragm, measuring diaphragm is made from thin sheet metal, as the movement of the differential capacitance electrode, under the action of pressure difference on both sides can move a certain distance, measurement on both sides of the diaphragm has two metal electrodes, by measuring the diaphragm between two capacitance and salient pole can be reduced. Measurement sensor is fixed outer silicon cup, when on the upper and the lower side of the cup shape monocrystalline silicon membrane pressure difference occurs, inside the membrane stress is produced. Under the action of pressure P1 and P2, unbalanced bridge and innovation is proportional to the voltage signal output and pressure. Adjusting unit is used for adjust the weak analog signal of the sensor output by planners require signal level, and through the A/D converter to convert the signal into A digital input microprocessor. 2) Microprocessor section under normal circumstances, the microprocessor is the function of voltage divider processing transformer function module. Using microprocessor distributor ( Plan) Decisiveness, images and operation effect, can complete testing part linearization, distance, zero setting and transform the mediation, damping time setting, self-diagnosis and communication and so on the many kinds of treatment effect, the microprocessor can also complete D/A module, A performance driver module and digital communications, and other functions. Read-only memory used to store configuration data, probe constant linear data and scope. 3) Output part due to the current process is defined on the surface, so the valve balance model for DC ( DC) 4 ~ 20 ma, for 1 ~ 5 v voltage signal. As A result, the number of CPU measurement signal through D/A conversion for ( DC) 4-20 ma analog output. With the continuous development of technology, process control system has become a certain trend. It is now in its period of imitation and digital signal. Therefore, in addition to the analog output, the existing intelligent pressure transmitter must have the effect of the digital output. The number in the title, others contact communication rely on digital communication ( A modem) 。 4) Telecom parts used for communication between the user and pressure transmitters of remote communication. Its main function is: zero calibration transmitter location and measurement range; Remote mediation Settings; According to transmitter parameters. This voucher can be an important part of intelligent pressure transmitter and role, and thus can get base bearing principle: the pressure signal of production process on the transmitter on the diaphragm of the measuring chamber and the diaphragm displacement occurs, the corresponding circuit converts electrical analog signal converter, is converted to digital signal by A/D is sent to the CPU. After processing of digital signals can be divided into two ways: one is by D/A conversion into ( DC) 4 ~ 20 mA output, the other is through digital communication, digital signal output. When need to remote transmission, as long as connected to the transmitter output ( DC) 4 ~ 20 ma loop either end, can diagnose and set up a remote communication.
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