The technical features of the advanced control display

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-11-05
Control display, the technical features of the advanced understanding control display with multi-type input function, an instrument can be allocated to different input signal, Thermocouple/thermal resistance/linear voltage/current/linear linear resistance) , which greatly reduce the number of the table prepared. Control display pieces of the modular design, enhance the use of instrument flexibility, making it easy for users to extend the output function, instrument optional 1 ~ 4 relay alarm output, also optional analog output, or standard communication interface, RS485 or RS232C) 。 Control display, but also has zero and full correction, digital filtering, sensor fault handling, root operation and print interface, alarm, delay, delay alarm, buttons, big and small value be, two extension functions such as transmitting. Control display, using a number of international advanced technology, have wide range input AC100 ~ 240 v switching power supply, input the digital correction and self calibration technology, measurement precision is stable, eliminate the temperature drift and the measuring error caused by the drift. Instrument use surface-mount technology, comprehensive and use multiple protection and isolation design, strong anti-jamming capability, high reliability. Control display, its applicable scope is very broad, can be used with all kinds of sensors, transmitters, realize the temperature, pressure, liquid level, capacity, strength and other physical quantity measurement display, alarm control, data acquisition and recording. Control display features: 1, control, display, the more integrated IC chips and advanced SMT process and unique circuit block element pasted on the surface technology, make the control display, it has strong anti-jamming ability and reliability, can work under electromagnetic interference environment long-term stability. 2, by universal input jumper Settings, make each instrument only by simple and fast parameter Settings, the instrument can be realized in various index number, standard signal as well as remote pressure signal, the millivolt signal input. Three general circuit structure, control, display, modular, through a simple module combination, the instrument can be realized in all sorts of function transformation, versatility and flexibility increase significantly. 4, USES the microcomputer control automatic digital calibration system, without having to adjust potentiometer. 5, control, display, beautiful appearance generous, and have a variety of shape structure and size. 6, the whole machine and the machine core assembly adopts card into the structure, maintenance and installation is very simple. 7, power supply, can choose: ac 220 v, 50/60 hz, 90 ~ 265 v switching power supply, or dc 24 v power supply. Control the display can be widely used in oil refining industry, chemical industry, papermaking, food, and sewage treatment and other industries. To open, airtight container, or the medium level in the underground pool in the instrument control room for display, alarm and control. Controlled display test medium for water, oil, acid, alkali, industrial sewage and other conductive and non conductive liquid, and liquid bubbles caused by false level can be overcome.
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