The principle of radar level gauge and use the matters needing attention

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-30
Radar level gauge, is an indispensable testing instrument in the level measurement industry. Because of radar level gauge is better than the similar contact type and non-contact liquid level meter on product performance more advantages, so they are widely used in the field of various industries, products of their own advantages and measuring effect, gradually get more and more recognition of users. Radar level gauge of the matters that should pay attention to measuring knowledge and application of radar level meter principle and use: 1, the measuring principle of radar level gauge: radar level gauge adopts launch & ndash; Reflection & ndash; Receive the work mode. Radar level gauge antennas emit electromagnetic wave, the wave reflected by the measured object surface, again by the antenna, the electromagnetic wave from transmitting to receiving time is proportional to the distance to the liquid surface, the formula is as follows: D = D&mdash CT / 2 type; — Radar level gauge distance to the liquid surface; C— — The speed of light. T— — The electromagnetic wave running time. Radar level gauge records pulse time, and the rate of transmission of electromagnetic wave constant, can calculate the liquid surface, the distance to the radar antenna to know on the surface of the liquid level. In practice, there are two kinds of radar level gauge means the frequency modulation continuous wave and pulse wave. With frequency modulation continuous wave technique level gauge, power consumption is big, the four wire system, should be used in complex electronic circuits. And the radar pulse wave technology level gauge, low power consumption, two wire 24 VDC power supply are available, and easy to realize the intrinsically safe, * * degree is high, the broader scope of application. Radar level gauge adopts pulse microwave technology, and its antenna systems emit frequency is 6. 3 GHZ, duration is 0. 8 ns pulse beam, then 278 ns, suspended in the pulse emission during the suspension, will serve as a receiver antenna system, receiving the reflection, echo image data processing at the same time, give instructions and electrical signals. 2, the features of radar level gauge: radar level gauge adopts integrated design, have no moving parts, there is no mechanical wear, long service life. When measuring the electromagnetic waves can pass through a vacuum, don't need a transmission medium, has not affected by the atmosphere, steam, groove volatile fog characteristics, can be used for volatile medium such as coarse benzene level measurement. Can be used for almost all the liquid level measurement. Electromagnetic wave in the liquid surface reflection, signal attenuation, when the signal attenuation through the hours, can lead to radar level gauge can't enough electromagnetic wave signal. Conducting medium can well reflect the electromagnetic wave of radar level gauge, even micro conductive material can also reflect enough electromagnetic waves. Dielectric constant is greater than 1. Five of the conductive medium ( Air of the dielectric constant of 1. 0) Also can ensure enough reflected wave, the dielectric constant, the greater the reflected signal. In practice, almost all medium can reflect enough reflection wave. Using non-contact measurement, not affected by the density of the liquid in the tank and the concentration of the physical properties of influence. Wide measuring range, large measuring range of 0 ~ 35 m, can be used in high temperature and high pressure liquid level measurement. Antenna key components, such as using high quality materials, corrosion resistance is strong, can adapt to the strong corrosive environment. Function rich, with functions of false wave study. Actual input the liquid surface level, the software can automatically identify the false echo of liquid level to the antenna, rule out the interference of these waves. Parameter setting is convenient, simple operation of the key on the available level gauge set, also can use the hand of the HART protocol operator in remote or directly set on level gauge of communication, is very convenient. 3, radar level gauge installation note: radar level gauge can correctly measure, depends on the reflected wave signal. If the selected installation position, level or electromagnetic waves reflected back to the radar antenna can not be in the range of the signal wave distractors reflection interference wave to radar level gauge, radar level gauge can correctly reflect the real level. Therefore, choose the installation location of the radar level gauge is very important, when installation should pay attention to the following: ( 1) Radar level gauge the axis of the antenna should be vertical and level of reflection surface. ( 2) Groove of the mixing valve, tank wall adhesion and ladder objects, such as if within the scope of signals in radar level gauge, will produce interference of reflected wave, affect the level measurement. When installation should choose the appropriate installation position, in order to avoid the interference of these factors. ( 3) Horn of radar level gauge of bell mouth than the inner surface of the mounting holes distance,> 10毫米) 。 Rod type level gauge antenna to extend the installation hole, the length of the mounting holes should not exceed 100 mm. For the circular or elliptic container, should be installed in the center for 1/2 r ( R for the radius of the container) Distance of the position, not in a circular or elliptic center on the top of the container, otherwise the radar wave after multiple reflection in the vessel wall, gathered in the center of the container on the top of the place, form the strong interference wave, will influence the accurate measurement.
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