RZ - 1158 c clip type ultrasonic flowmeter in different piping installation points

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-11-02
A, RZ - 1158 c clip type ultrasonic flowmeter overview embellish and BR - type ultrasonic flowmeter 1158 c is science and technology co. , LTD. , in recent years to market a product quality time type ultrasonic flowmeter, it is a widely used, general budget, external clip-on, time difference method ultrasonic flowmeter. The product has a very simple installation, no broken tube, without water, can let the customer easily realize flexible pipe flow measurement. The product can also be equipped with a permanent fixture installation, no maintenance, long-term to provide credible, no drift measurement. It adopts the digital correlation technology and intelligent adaptive acoustic technology, make its measuring stability more outstanding. Because the application of the acoustic focusing on technology, can make the products on a continuous signal receiving and quality of the measurement was significantly enhanced. Since the market, sales wang is broken up, got praised by the majority of users. Second, the technical parameters and type selection of format: BR1158C - A mouth - Port B - C mouth - D mouth - E mouth model description BR1158C name: economical type ultrasonic flowmeter installation method: hang a wall velocity range: 0 - Of measurement value of 5 m/s: accuracy & plusmn; 1% repetitive: 0. 16 (2% keyboard: 4 * 4) Light touch button displays: 20 * 2 lattice character backlit LCD power supply: 10 - 36 vdc / 10 - 24 vac @ amax shell material: 1 PC/ABS plastic protection grade: IP65 ambient temperature: - 10℃- + 50 ℃ output: @ 0 - frequency output 5 KHZ, OCT way: 4 - 20 ma output communication: RS - AI / 0 485 communication interface, support the Modbus protocol, option 1 oct frequency output, 4 - 20 ma, RS - 485 communication interface function of EGPRS transmitter chassis shell 1 B: IP65, PC/ABS plastic 2 explosion-proof case, ExdIIBT43 explosion-proof chassis, ExdIICT44 explosion-proof chassis, ExdIIBT65 explosion-proof chassis, ExdIICT6C outside the CP temperature sensor clamp type sensor installation method: clip-on measurable outside diameter range: 25 mm to 1200 mm sensor cable length: 9 m material: ABS + PC working temperature: 0 ℃ - + 50 ℃ probe material conform to the requirements of the RoHS environmental protection CH clip-on outside high temperature sensor installation method: clip-on measurable outside diameter range: 25 mm - 1200 mm sensor cable length: 9 m material: stainless steel/PEI working temperature: - 40℃- + 150 ℃ outside MC permanent clamp type sensor installation method: permanent external clip-on measurable range of pipe diameter: 65 mm 1200 mm sensor cable length: 9 m probe shell: zinc alloy, PEI, base: medium temperature measuring carbon steel: 0 ℃ - + 50 ℃ D cable length 009 standard cable length: 9 MXXX sensor cable length: every 5 meters for a longer unit, power converter can be extended to 305 meters long E 1 does not need 2 ( Enter 220 v, 12 v output, load current 1 a) Configuration example: BR1158C - 1 - 1 - CP - N - 009 - 1 room temperature outside the plastic clip type sensor, the standard I/O, ABS/PC chassis, sensorless explosive-proof grade, 9 meters cable, no power converter four three, wiring, installation method, choose RZ installation points - 1158 c ultrasonic flowmeter in all the installation of the flowmeter is simple and convenient, we need to choose a proper measurement point, through the measurement point parameter input pipe flowmeter measurement system, the sensor can be easily in the line of flow measurement. At the scene of the instrument of the installation, we need to follow the following several principles, specific requirements see chart: in this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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